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Looking For Staff Incentive Ideas?

Consider some staff incentive ideas, to keep your workforce motivated and productive.  If you are looking for staff incentive ideas, we do advise chatting to corporate events companies. Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice on staff incentives. Every sales trainer and team manager will say that the staff are the company. A happy team is a productive team.  A company without staff is not a company but a shell. They would be quite right in saying this, and corporate events play a big part in motivating and incentivising. Depending on the season there are lots of options available whether you are looking for something fun, something relaxed or something food related.

Ideas For A Summer Event

Staff incentive ideas during the summer can be easy to think up. Motivating staff during the summer can open lots of options and there are lots of alternatives.
  • Something at a budget – a BBQ or afternoon at the race
  • Something a little more – a trip to a theme park
  • Something event orientated – an activity day or sports related (archery, shooting, golf).
Anything outdoors is good.  As the fresh air brings a sense of freedom to people and they forget the work stresses and see other members of staff in a different light. None of these activities are particularly expensive or require a great deal of planning – but can make a big difference to how a team functions.

Ideas For A Winter Event

Staff incentive ideas during the winter can be more challenging.  Motivating staff during the winter does have it’s restrictions, however there are still lots of options available.
  • Something at a budget – go out for a meal together
  • Something a little more – indoor go-karting
  • Something a little more – theatre trip
Being out of the office is the main thing that will cause the effect in the team. Teams always see each other inside the office, changing the location will break the mold and mindset of how people thing towards each other.

Incentive Ideas For Sales People

Staff incentive ideas for sales people are simple.  Sales people by their nature are adrenalin driven creatures that thrive on danger, risk and new opportunities.  Understanding this will help you in choosing the right incentive for them. With staff incentives, it is best to use them as a carrot.  What this means is that if the sales person achieves X then they will get the incentive.  Make it achievable but something that has to be hard to get. Making an incentive too easy detracts from the value of the incentive and it is not appreciated as much. We have all heard the phrase ‘cat string’ people achieve things more if they have really worked at them and earned them. Some staff incentive ideas of adrenalin based incentives (for a team) would be: Some staff incentive ideas of adrenalin based ideas for individual sales people would be:
  • Money
It is very difficult to send 1 sales person out on an activity by themselves so motivating with money is the best solution. Another option is (if the sales person has a partner) to organise a meal for two, or a weekend break for two.
  • A Simple Idea for Motivating Staff
A great way to motivate staff, if you are working to a budget, is to buy in breakfast or pizza (for lunch). This will raise spirits and work wonders for team moral. Food brings out a personal touch which lets staff know you care. Another option (if is around summer time) is to do a BBQ. Getting some disposable BBQ units, some meat, a few drinks and kicking back for the afternoon will help to relax staff and help in building inter relations. You can take it a little further by organising some garden games or put staff into teams of a game of rounder’s. Something different and does not cost a lot. Talking to an corporate events company can help to bring fresh ideas and options about how to help incetivise and motivate your staff.

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