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How To Find Great Telemarketing StaffLooking For Good Telemarketing Staff?

If your business is looking for telemarketing staff, finding good staff, that are reliable and competent at cold calling is difficult.

It has been said that good staff are hard to find.  This is true as far as it goes.  

The skills of a telemarketer cannot really be trained at university, but rather that are engrained into a persons personality at birth.  

The criteria that makes up good telemarketing staff are:

  • Attitude

Having a positive attitude is the first and foremost quality that they need.  

They need to be positive even during times of failure.  At 4pm on a Friday afternoon they need to be thinking of hitting their sales target rather than the weekend.

  • Motivation

Telemarketing staff need to be self motivated; not influenced by their surroundings or other staff, but able to motivate and succeed on their own.

  • Tenacity

This links strongly with the above attributes; they will hear the word ‘no’ more times in one day than a lot of us hear in a week.

The ability to bash on and keep going (whilst being positive and motivated) are the keys to success in lead generation .

  • Sales

Selling skills are essential in the sales process.  Without good sales techniques, employees are like a boat without a sail.  

Good sales training is needed for any employee to ensure success.  Good sales training needs to be an ongoing process.

How To Find Good Staff

There are numerous recruitment websites online, the newest and largest being Indeed.  

Good employees are hard to find; there are tens of thousands of sales people around, but not many that have the right mix of attitudes or skills.  

Advertising for employees is normally the first step (either in the local paper or online) but the best way to find employees is through referrals.  

Recommended staff will cost nothing (as staff recruitment is normally very expensive).  Talking and meeting the prospective staff should give a good feel for their demeanor.

A prospect can give signals in the first few minutes that can summarise their character and at least tick or cross the first three of the above bullet points.

How To Keep Your Telemarketing Staff

Staff retention is something that most businesses struggle with. There is nothing worse for a sales team than to loose the top performer.  

The one sales person that is generating results consistently and producing profitable results decides to leave for a variety of reasons:

  • Better job offer
  • More money (the main reason people swap jobs)
  • Management dispute
  • Moving house/country
  • Change of lifestyle

Some things employers can control (salaries, bonuses, working conditions etc.) and some things are simply out of anyone’s control.  

Sales people (in general) are money motivated; even more than most of us (lets face it, the main reason we work if for earning money).  

So the more cash incentives that can be put in place to scale their success, the more driven they will be to achieve and the more job satisfaction they will have.  

Another option (instead of cash for staff incentives) is to put employee insentives in place (such as a day out to the races, a corporate golf day) that they can take a partner or friends to.

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