Telemarketing And Telesales

Telemarketing And TelesalesThe Difference Between Telemarketing And Telesales

The UK has around 450 telemarketing and telesales companies, ranging from freelancers working from home to larger call centres based in the cities.  

Finding the right agency for your business does come down to what exactly you wish to achieve.  Is it lead generation, is it lead nurturing, is it a targeted sales campaign.

Rather than spending time on google looking for agencies, let us help.

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What Is Telemarketing?

It is as it sounds, ‘tele’ meaning phone based ‘marketing’ meaning promotion.  It is about promoting services or products via the phone.  

It is not selling products on the phone (that is telesales) but more lead generation, customer surveys, inbound call handling.

Telemarketing can be handling inbound calls (like a charity helpline) or outbound calls (like generating appointments for an engineering company.

What Is Telesales?

Telesales is as it sounds, ‘tele’ meaning phone based ‘sales’ meaning actively selling services or products.

It is always outbound and is used by businesses to sell either products (like nuts, bolts, mobile phones etc.) or services (such as accountancy, landscaping, laser cutting etc.) to either businesses or consumers.

Get The Right Agency

Selecting the right agency is important, your company can do it (they will not turn down business after all) but would not be as good at it as a focused sales business would be.

It is worth looking around as the main reason for campaigns being unsuccessful is due to the wrong agency doing the work.

Shop Around And Compare Quotes

Bear in mind that all marketing agencies are private businesses that are profit making.  

For this reason, all will offer different prices for their services (based on their experience, their background, their track record and their profit margins).  Comparing telemarketing prices is the same as any service using price comparison websites.

It is always worth meeting the agency, see where they work, are their offices professional?  If they are expensive, can they justify their prices, can they offer any guarantees or assurances?  

It may be good to ask for recommendations (from current clients) to see how their services are performing for them and if they are achieving a ROI.

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