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Telemarketing And TelesalesThe Difference Between Telemarketing And Telesales

The UK has around 450 telemarketing and telesales companies, ranging from freelancers working from home to larger call centres based in the cities.

Finding the right agency for your business does come down to what exactly you wish to achieve.  Is it lead generation, is it lead nurturing, is it a targeted sales campaign.

Rather than spending time on Google looking for agencies, let us help.  The internet is a big place with billions of websites.

The top telemarketing or telesales agency on Google is not necessarily the best.  Just because they have won awards does not mean they will deliver results for your campaign.

It is about finding you the ‘right’ telemarketing or telesales company for your business.  Someone that knows you product or service.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes on telemarketing and telesales from agencies that work in your industry sector.

What Is Telemarketing?

It is as it sounds, ‘tele’ meaning phone based ‘marketing’ meaning promotion.  It is about promoting services or products via the phone.

It is not selling products on the phone (that is telesales) but more lead generation, customer surveys, inbound call handling.

Telemarketing can be handling inbound calls (like a charity helpline) or outbound calls (like generating appointments for an engineering company.  The benefits to using telemarketing is generating appointments with specific people.

Telemarketing is a great form of customer service, to keep in touch with new and existing customers to add value and make the customer feel valued.  It can also be used as a form of upselling to new products or services.

Telemarketing is primarily used for lead generation or appointment making.

What Is Telesales?

Telesales is as it sounds, ‘tele’ meaning phone based ‘sales’ meaning actively selling services or products.

It is always outbound and is used by businesses to sell either products (like nuts, bolts, mobile phones etc.) or services (such as accountancy, landscaping, laser cutting etc.) to either businesses or telemarketing to consumers.

Telesales can be used in either the B2C (business to consumer) market or B2B (business to business).

Inbound telesales involves agencies receiving inbound calls from people that are already interested in buying a product or service.

Outbound telesales involves agencies making outbound calls to prospects in order to sell a product or service.

Telesales is primarily used for selling products or services over the phone.

Get The Right Agency

Selecting the right telemarketing or telesales agency is important.  Most telemarketing or telesales companies will say ‘yes’ right away (they will not turn down business after all) but may not be as good at it as a focused sales business would be.

Not all telemarketing or telesales companies will be ‘right’ for you.  They may not have the experience.  They may not have the right staff (right staff meaning level of seniority).  They may not have the best skills.

It is worth looking around as the main reason for campaigns being unsuccessful is due to the wrong agency doing the work.

Comparing quotes from telemarketing or telesales companies is important.  Not necessarily ‘quotes’ in terms of finding the cheapest quote, but the ‘right’ agency.

Key Things To Take Away

  • Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing to generate appointments or sales leads.
  • Telesales is a form of direct marketing to sell products.
  • The above cover inbound calling, outbound calling, lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • These are both pro-active forms of marketing, but are intrusive.
  • As they are intrusive, there is the TPS service to opt out of receiving calls.

How Much Does Telemarketing And Telesales Cost?

Telemarketing and telesales is generally charged on a day rate.

Day rates can range from £150 per day up to £600 depending on the level of calling and the agency that is selected.

Very few companies work on a pay per appointment or a pay per lead basis.

No telemarketing and telesales agencies work on a commission basis, although we are asked about it a lot.

There are also freelance telemarketing and telesales individuals that work from home.

Telemarketing and telesales data is available from data brokers around the UK for as little as 10p per record.

Shop Around And Compare Telemarketing Quotes

Bear in mind that all marketing agencies are private businesses that are profit making.

For this reason, all will offer different prices for their services (based on their experience, their background, their track record and their profit margins).  Comparing telemarketing prices is the same as any service using price comparison websites.

It is always worth meeting the agency, see where they work, are their offices professional?  If they are expensive, can they justify their prices, can they offer any guarantees or assurances?

It may be good to ask for recommendations (from current clients) to see how their services are performing for them and if they are achieving a ROI.

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