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The UK has a range of B2C telemarketing agencies.  The trouble is finding the right agency that knows your industry sector.  

Like any price comparison website, this is where we can help you.  

All you need to do is complete the form, and we will get you a few quotes for you to compare.

What Is B2C Telemarketing?

In a nutshell, it is contacting people at home, either to sell them products or services.  

By contacting homeowners, certain businesses can sell products or services direct.

Business to consumer telemarketing is very important as there are many situations whereby the public will need a call from a business..  

It could be an energy company, plumbing services, heating, council offices etc. for a wide variety of reasons.  To opt out, people use the TPS.

Industry Experience

One of the key things to consider is industry experience.  Do they have experience in working in your sector?  

There are hundreds of agencies around the UK, finding the right one for your business is not easy.  It takes a different set of skill than doing B2B telemarketing.

Who Does B2C Telemarketing?

There are a wide variety of agencies in the UK.  

Most of these are larger call centres (as opposed to outbound telemarketing companies) that have a large number of staff taking or making calls to the public.  

Very few smaller agencies will do business to consumer calling.  It is wise to select an agency that knows the industry you are involved in.  

Whether this is double glazing, solar PV, domestic cleaning.  Finding an experienced agency should result in better conversions in your campaign.

How Much Does Telemarketing Cost?

B2C telemarketing is carried out by privately owned businesses that need to make profit.  As such, shopping around and comparing telemarketing prices is essential.  

Most agencies operate a day rate, however some run monthly campaigns.

Our goal is to help your business to find the best agency, for the best price.  Just fill in the form and we will get you 5 quotes today.

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