Who Is The Best Website Designer In 2020?

Who Is The Best Website Designer In 2020Who is the best website designer in 2020 in the UK?  Is there one?

This is the issue that many businesses face moving into 2020 is finding the right website designer to work with. When you are getting a website produced, you want it to reflect your brand. You want it to generate lots of business. You want it to be modern and attractive. But who do you use to create it?

Like any price comparison website, we are here to help you compare quotes.

Do you use the first website on a search result when you type in ‘website design’? Surely this will bring up your local website designers, and what makes them better than an award winning website designer in London?

Do you use a friend across the road, a friend from church or your friends son? If you know the designer, will they be more focused than an agency?  How do you find the best website designer in 2020?

You often get what you pay for, so if you pay a lot to a website designer, will this mean that your website is better?

If you use a local website designer in your town/city, will they create a better website for you than the award winning London designer?

These are all issues facing you. How do you find the best website designer in 2020? There are tens of thousands of website designers in the UK, this makes finding the best agency very hard.

We appreciate that finding the best website designer in 2020 is going to be pretty much impossible, as it is impossible to compete to find the best. A little like football; all teams play each other to find out who the best is. Once they find the best, they play again and there is a new winner. The cycle continues for the great game.

We have put together a few things to consider when selecting the best website designer in 2020 to build your website.

Is Location Important In 2020?

It is always best to use a designer that is local.  Why if you are based in Brighton would you use a website designer in Dundee?  It does not make sense. Use someone that is local.  A meeting face to face is always good.  

This way you can insure they are what they claim, and not someone in India using a .co.uk website domain.  The best website designer in 2020 for you will only be found when you meet them and sit down with them.

 Does Experience Matter With Web Design?

How long have they been trading? Why use a designer that has only just started their business? By using an established designer, they will have more experience in creating the website for you. Equally using someone that has a development team to support them.

How your website functions ‘under the bonnet’ is just as important as the design. Do they have any SEO experience? What about your SEO strategy, do they know how your new website is going to get visitors?

Creating a website is one thing, but you need that website to function for you. SEO goes hand in hand with design.  The best website designer in 2020 for you will combine good SEO with functional design.

Have they created websites in your industry before? Have a look at their portfolio to get a feel for their industry experience. If they have designed lots of websites for florists, can they create a website for an accountancy firm?

Your website will have words on it. Are you doing the ‘copy’ or is the designer? Do they know what you want to communicate on each page? This all links in to their experience. Do they know the jargon terms you will want to use? Do they know the industry events you want to feature on your events page?

Does A Higher Web Design Price Mean A Better Site?

How does the designer compare price wise? Website design prices range from a few hundred pounds up to tens of thousands. How do you know you are paying a fair price and not being ripped off? Have you compared like for like? You want to get the best website possible, but you do not want to pay the maximum price for it.

Bearing in mind all website designers are privately owned companies that need to make a profit.  How else do they afford to pay for their house, their holidays, the children school fees.  

Do you want to contribute to their income?  This is why you need to shop around and compare quotes.  We want to help you find the best website designer in 2020, just fill in the form for quotes.

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