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There are around 40 website designers in Dundee, ranging from freelance designers and small design studios with a few smaller marketing agencies.  When considering your new website (or a website re-design) we do suggest using a website designer in Dundee that has experience in your industry sector.

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Historically much of Dundee’s industry has been based around cotton and jute manufacture, so the creative industry is fairly new as regards design agencies.  Dundee has a strong university and as a result a community of creative talent has grown around the businesses in and around Dundee.

Dundee has a population of just under 200,000 with many individual private businesses, all of which need websites and web support.

Choosing A Web Designer

It is advised to work with a website designer that is based locally, rather than working with a designer based in York or London.  Having a local web designer means that a visit can be arranged without too much difficulty, in order to chat through designs and layouts face to face.

Despite the fact that web design work can be done remotely, it is always good to have that personal contact and relationship if you are spending a lot of money with a marketing company.

Web Designers In Your Industry

There are lots of website designers in Dundee,  it is advised to make a selection from those who have a track record in your industry.  Choosing a website designer who has current experience in your industry, who knows how your market works, and who your competitors are, should bring many benefits in creating a design of a website that stands out and makes an impact.

Compare Prices From Website Designers In Dundee

All website designers in Dundee are private businesses, each setting their own design rates.  As the recession is still affecting businesses it is advised to shop around and compare quotes.  The cheapest price is not necessarily going to be the best one, but certainly it is important to get a feel for website design prices from local agencies.

To receive free advice and quotes from website designers in Dundee simply fill in the form.

A Brief Look At Dundee

Known as the City of Discovery, it is the fourth largest city in Scotland and is situated on the longest river, the River Tay. The city expanded rapidly during the 19th Century due to the jute industry, and strong sea links with America with its cotton trade.

Sadly it is famous for the worst rail disaster in British history, when back in 1879 poor construction of the Tay railway bridge caused a busy train to plunge into the icy water killing everyone on board.  The modern city has a strong industrial legacy thanks to its production of cash machines and magazines (comics like ‘The Dandy’ and ‘The Beano’) and of course the home of Dundee United.

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