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Call handling services are a very popular alternative to having a receptionist.  If your business is missing calls, then you need to talk to agencies that offer call handling services.  

There are a wide range of agencies that offer call handling services for your to choose from.  

Just fill in the form to get free quotes and advice from local telemarketing companies that offer call handling.

Imagine for a moment, you run a business, large or small there will be calls that come in which may go unanswered.  

You could be driving, on another call, on a job. If you own a multinational corporation, or a sole trading plumbing business, you may miss calls for the following reasons:

  • All your lines are busy
  • To slow to answer the phone
  • Phone downtime
  • You calling queue is too long
  • You are busy (if you are a small company/sole trader).

What happens – people hang up and go elsewhere.  This is why you need a call handling service.

The Danger Of Missing Calls

Imagine for a moment, that a client went to your website from Bing, wanted to buy there and then, but could not get through.  

They hang up, go to one of your competitors who answers the phone promptly and bang, they get your order.

Sometimes, missing a call may not be your fault.  As above, there could be issues with your phone lines.  

But the fact remains, a customer wants to talk and has no one to talk too.  Call handling services for you please.

The Simple Solution

There are inbound telemarketing companies that can offer ‘virtual receptionists’ for handling calls for you.  

Professional people answering the call, happy, enthusiastic and keen to help.  As opposed to you answering the phone out of breath, or a busy receptionist who has had a bad morning.

Call handling services can handle any type of calls during any scenario:

  • Answer all calls and filter the sales calls/orders
  • Answer overflow calls that cannot be taken by onsite staff
  • Answer out of hour calls
  • Answer weekend calls

How Much Would It Cost?

The cost would be less than you think; like with most services, the cost does vary.  

However most call handling agencies would charge a monthly retainer (say £25 or £40) and then a cost per call handled.  

They may charge a one off charge to handle unlimited calls – depends on the amount of support that is required, but most will have packages that you can choose to fit your requirements.  

Comparing prices is wise as telemarketing prices do range from agency to agency. Call handling services are a big part of the telemarketing service range.  

It is a very important service for businesses that do not have the resources to answer every call at any time during the day or night.

How Would It Work?

The normal procedure would be as follows:

  • You specify the package you need (how many calls are needed to be answered)
  • You give the agency an overview of your business & services
  • You provide a script for them to give if a caller calls in
  • Any calls that are handled are recorded and messages passed on (via e-mail normally).

That is basically it, other than your costs for monthly charges/calls – you get all your messages.  

You can respond in your own time with the assurance that you are not missing potential sales leads.

The Benefits It Can Bring

You have a small cost each month for the retainer and calls handled, but have the assurance that you are not missing potential work.  

This service is perfect for small businesses that are not available to take all calls.   For businesses that only have 1 man and want to have women answering the phone (or vice versa) can specify.  

Call handling is also used by large corporations, for situations such as call overload, out of hours calls and phone downtime. Agencies are normally very professional and to a caller would appear to be part of your business.  

It is normally quite difficult for callers to differentiate between a call handling service and the business themselves.

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