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Telemarketing ExpertWhy Use A Telemarketing Expert?

Everyone claims to be a telemarketing expert, from freelancers to well established agencies.

For most companies in the B2B sector, using a telemarketing expert is something of a necessity.  There are many reasons to outsource telemarketing.  The reason mainly is to generate new leads and following up new sales leads .

Another option is to use an internal member of staff to do cold calling and lead generation.  However this has it’s drawbacks:

  • Training – You need to train that member of staff to be effective.
  • Replacement – If your member of staff leads, you have to find another and repeat the above.
  • Motivation – Keeping staff productive is always challenging.

This is why outsourcing to a telemarketing expert is a good option.

Some people think that telemarketing and telesales are the same thing, but they are not, there are differences.

The Advantage

What is direct marketing to do with telemarketing?  It leads the way with all forms of direct marketing, being the most pro-active form of marketing that was and is and is to come.

Using a telemarketing expert will open doors for you that you could not imagine, your dream customer.

Freelance Or Agency?

The next question to consider is who to use, an agency or a freelancer?  There are pros and cons to each.

  • Experience – This is important.  How effective are they are producing results
  • Cost – Freelancers are normally cheaper, but have less resources such as support marketing
  • Focus – Freelancers may take time off for holidays/illness.  They may quit and do another job
  • Backup – Sometimes it needs other forms of marketing to run alongside it.

The decision will really come down to how many new enquiries each day you require.

If you are looking for 1-2 days a week, then a freelance telemarketing expert may be a good option.  If you are looking for more, then an agency will be a better choice as they can have multiple telemarketers working on your campaign each day.

Another option is asking for pay per lead telemarketing, where you pay a flat fee for each meeting/enquiry.

Selecting The Right Telemarketing Expert

Selecting the right agency is going to be a challenge, as there are literally hundreds of telemarketing/telesales agencies in the UK to choose from.

Large ones that are ‘award winning’, small ones that have just started up.

There are some agencies that focus on specific industry sectors such as working with engineering companies or accountants.  The benefits of using telemarketing is speed in generating new leads.

Experience counts for a lot in lead generation.  If the agency knows your industry sector, they will have a huge advantage in generating you results over an inexperienced one.

Data is a big part of an effective calling campaign.

If the agency already has a database they can work from, this will save a lot of time in prospecting; meaning more time on the phone.  The alternative is you purchasing data, but this will cost money, plus it will need to be qualified.

Many agencies have data themselves, from previous customers they have worked with.  Marketing data is a very important part of any campaign.

Without good data, you will loose a lot of time.

Use Us Rather Than The Internet

A quick search on Google will give you thousands of results for ‘telemarketing expert’; from recruitment websites like Indeed, the TPS, to agencies that are hundreds of miles away.

Let us help you save time and money to find a telemarketing expert for your company; just fill in the form to the right.

Compare Telemarketing Quotes

One thing to bear in mind is that all agencies are privately run, therefore are profit making businesses.  The more staff they have, the larger offices they have, the more they will charge.  This does not necessarily make them right for you.

Shopping around and comparing quotes is essential.  Telemarketing prices do vary considerably and paying more does not necessarily mean better results.

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