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With over 20 web developers in Leeds, it only makes sense working with a local one, rather than a web developer in London.  

Building and creating a website takes time and communication between agency & client.  Therefore using someone local that you can sit down with only makes plain sense.

When you are thinking of building a website, you may immediately consider using a developer or a designer.  Did you know that both web design and web development are quite different?

Website design and development are both integral elements used in creating websites, software platforms, and even applications used on smartphones and tablets in everyday life.

A web developer will work on the coding of your website, working on the programming language behind each page.  This is to do with functions of your website working correctly such as forms sending or interactive elements functioning correctly.

If you imagine a car on the outside being the design, what happens within it including the electronics and mechanics, this is the web development side of things.

App development is very popular these days with websites like Tik Tok.

Get advice and quotes from web development companies in Leeds; ones that have experience in working within your industry sector.

Choose A Local Expert

Choosing a web developer that is local only makes sense, as it gives you the chance to meet up and chat face to face. 

Web designers and web developers share the same goal: figure out how to make a website that’s user-friendly and meets its business objectives.

Yet, they have different roles in achieving this goal.  While web designers decide how web pages will be organized, structured and decorated, web developers use code to implement the design and make the website functional.

Having a more personal relationship with a marketing agency in Leeds gives you more control over how they work.  It also gives them more accountability to produce you the results that you are looking for.

Your web designer and web developer will work together to bring your website to life.  Certainly there may be ongoing work involved as your website functions and software is updated.

Choose An Experienced Web Development Partner

All web programmers and developers are different, and all carry different experience based on their background of previous work with clients. 

Some may have worked on medical websites, some on engineering websites, and some may have worked on a variety. 

Selecting an agency locally that has worked on sites similar to yours (in industry) should get you much better results for your money.  

Website development companies in Leeds work on a range of platforms, including WordPress and Joomla.

By looking at their client list on their website should give you a feel for the industry experience they have.  

It is also wise to ask to talk to some of their existing clients.  Are the clients happy?  Would they recommend them as a web developer?

Questions To Ask A Web Developer

What Whilst a lot of the nuts and bolts of coding and developing you do not really need to know or understand, getting a feel for what is involved with your website is good practice.  We have put together a few questions you can ask a few web development companies in Leeds, that may open up to other things:

  • What platform do you feel is best for my kind of business.
  • What businesses in my industry have you designed websites for?
  • What challenges do your feel there is with my website?
  • Would there be any problems or challenges you can see with my website?
  • What do you feel would be the timescales for completing the website?

Web developers in Leeds should be able to give you a feel for which web platform is best suited to your business.  For example platforms like WordPress and Shopify are very different and not all businesses would go with one or the other.

Most web developers in Leeds only work with one or two web platforms, very few if any work with all web platforms.

The most important thing is finding out which web platform suits your business needs from the website.

WordPress is the most popular, with roughly 40% of websites using it, but there are many web platforms on the market, as well as bespoke designed websites.

Compare Quotes From Local Experts

All web development companies are independent.  They set their own fees based on their running costs and profit margins.  For this reason, web development prices will vary from agency to agency.

We do advise as a price comparison site to shop around and compare quotes.  We want to help you find the best web developer in Leeds for your business, for the best price.

It is not about finding you the cheapest web developer in Leeds, it is about finding you the ‘right’ web developer.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 web development companies in Leeds that know your industry.

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