What Is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is what is sounds, it is marketing direct to clients, as opposed to reactively.

Reactive forms of marketing can be considered things like public relations or TV advertising, whereas direct marketing goes right to clients.

Popular Forms Of Direct Marketing

The best known form of direct marketing would be telesales (as opposed to telemarketing, as there is a difference). Direct mail is an odd one, as it is direct (from the perspective that it can be well targeted) however does require a reaction from the customer in order to respond.

Why Use Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is great to use during times of recession (times like now really) as it a pro-active way to go to clients before they are at the stage of them looking (and potentially choosing one of your competitors).
Direct marketing has always been popular, but certainly during difficult economic times, is growing in popularity as businesses become more hungry for business.

Choosing Direct Marketing Agenies

When considering using direct marketing, it is wise to shop around and get quotes.

Get feedback from direct marketing companies that have experience in your industry, ones that know your market and products. As them about their track record and ability to produce results. Few direct marketing companies will work on a results basis, but it is worth asking about KPI’s (key performance indicators).

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