Direct vs Electronic Marketing

How Does Direct vs Electronic Marketing Compete?How Does Direct Vs Electronic Marketing Compare?

Which do you go with, direct vs electronic marketing?  

With the growth of the internet most companies are now using e-mail. E-mail is free/cheap, semi instant and can make responses easier.

So with this in mind, where does the future for direct mail lie.  Is this the end of direct mail?  Direct vs electronic, maybe the internet will win? 

Direct Mail In 2011

There are many things that direct mail offer that cannot be achieved with e-mail.

  • Personalisation

Although most direct mail is automated and completely impersonal, it can be adapted in such a way that gives the impression that it is tailored and bespoke.

  • Gifts

With direct mail, gifts can be enclosed (such as a pen, a diary, a coffee sample etc.).  With e-mail a attachment can be sent (with a voucher etc.) but the physical is better than digital.

  • Touch and Feel

When receiving something tangible, there is an affect it causes.  Humans are physical beings and touching is important; getting something through the letterbox has more effect that in the inbox. Direct vs electronic, maybe direct is better?

Will Direct Mail Dwindle?

As time goes on, more and more of us will get online and more and more business mailings will be done via e-mail rather than post. 

Generally B2B direct mail is promotional rather than actual communication.

However there is still a huge market for direct mail.

B2C direct mail is still huge, from pizza shops, insurance companies, water, electricity, tree surgeons etc. will always use direct mail.  

Your local council still communicates via post.

B2B direct mail has dropped off, due to the reduced costs of e-mail marketing it makes more sense for businesses to send information/newsletters, promotions via e-mail rather than by post. 

It will never truly drop off, but indeed has reduced. Direct vs electronic is a match, both have their uses.

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