Cheap Website Or Free Website

Cheap Website Or Free WebsiteA Cheap Website Can Be Attractive

What do you choose, a cheap website or a free website as a new business?  When pennies are tight, getting a cheap website set up is appealing.  

Startup companies are in a bit of a dilemma; startup meaning no funds whatsoever and building the business from personal savings.

As a new company do you get a free website designed yourself (there are a few resources on the internet where very basic websites can be built) or do you invest in the future and go to a designer?

A designer will charge for a basic website, this could be £100 or could be £1000 depending on the designer.

Different budget web designers offer ‘startup packages’ that are low priced – but how do you select a web designer?

Lets look at the options available:

Free Creative Design

Obviously it is free, and using a free site program you have nothing to loose. As a brand new company all you really need is a presence on the internet, not a all singing and dancing website (yet).  But as things grow and your business develops, then you can build up.

The downsides? OK, for something free you are taking the risk that the ‘look’ is not professional and your brand is starting off not good at all.  Cheap website design is not always professional.

Balance this up with needs and means.  All design agencies will encourage you to ‘invest’ in a site of-course because they want your money.  But like building a house, you do need to do it one step at a time, overspend on the foundations and you cannot complete the house.

Chargeable site from designer

The positives are that you are getting a more professional looking website (hopefully) and a second set of eyes to guide you.

The downside?  Well, website are expensive and £1000 (even though it is a lot of money for a company that has nothing) is not a lot for a designer. So you will not get you very far in real terms.

Also, there are designers and designers, choose the wrong one and you may as well wave farewell to £1000.

What is the best solution?

On reflection, advice would be to use a free resource to get something set up to start with, as and when funds are available you can then build things up from the bottom up.  

If a website is not your main business tool (like an on-line shop) then a presence is just fine (if you are an accountant for example).

Website design prices do vary from agency to agency.  If funds are tight, a cheap website may be best in the short term.  Bur remember that your website is your shop window and needs to reflect your brand.

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