Cheap Website Or Free Website

Startup companies are in a bit of a dilemma; startup meaning no funds whatsoever and building the business from personal savings.

As a new company do you get a free website designed yourself (there are a few resources on the internet where very basic websites can be built) or do you invest in the future and go to a designer?

A website designer will charge for a basic website – this could be £100 or could be £1000 depending on the designer. Different budget web designers offer ‘startup packages’ that are low priced – but how do you select a web designer?

Lets look at the options available:

Free Website Design

Obviously it is free, and using a free website program you have nothing to loose. As a brand new company all you really need is a presence on the internet, not a all singing and dancing website (yet); but as things grow and your business develops – then you can build up.

The downsides – OK, for something free you are taking the risk that the ‘look’ is not professional and your brand is starting off ‘cheap’.

Balance this up with needs and means – all design agencies will encourage you to ‘invest’ in a website (of course because they want your money) but like building a house, you do need to do it one step at a time, overspend on the foundations and you cannot complete the house.

Chargeable website from designer

The positives are that you are getting a more professional looking website (hopefully) and a second set of eyes to guide you.

The downside – well, website are expensive and £1000 (even though it is a lot of money for a company that has nothing) is not a lot for a designer – so will not get you very far in real terms. Also, there are designers and designers – choose the wrong one and you may as well wave farewell to £1000.

What is the best solution?

On reflection, advice would be to use a free resource to get something set up to start with – as and when funds are available you can then build things up from the bottom up. If a website is not your main business tool (like an on-line shop) then a presence is just fine (if you are an accountant for example).

Some surface web designer is available if you need help and guidance – but really it is a personal choice – do not be led by designers as they have their own interests at heart.

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