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E-mail marketing companies have been popping up a lot in recent years.  Ever since the internet was first created by Robert Kahn & Vint Cerf back in the 1970’s, e-mail marketing has been growing.  

Many companies use e-mail marketing to communicate with their customers, employees and would-be customers.  Over 3 billion e-mails are sent per day!

Who Uses E-mail Marketing Companies?

A few businesses that use e-mail marketing:

  • Airlines
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Wine Clubs
  • Solicitors
  • Government Departments

E-mail marketing is used by almost any industry sector you can think of for a variety of applications from sales to administration.  Supermarkets use them to keep in touch with us.  Shops use them to promote their products.  

In fact almost any business that you can think of could use e-mail marketing companies.

What Is Involved With E-Marketing

E-mail marketing agencies provide a range of services which can be taken advantage of for any application that is required:

  • Design of e-mails
  • Provision of e-mail addresses
  • Systems (the actual sending out of the e-mails)
  • Reporting software (showing number of e-mails delivered, opened etc.)
  • White listing and black listing (if someone wants to be removed).

GDPR also comes into play with e-mail marketing.  Handling of data is a big topic at the moment and this is a stress that e-mail marketing companies can handle.  

The other option is that you use a company like Mailchip and do e-marketing yourself.  If you have the time and resources, this would be a cheaper option.

Email Marketing And Sales

E-marketing is a great way to communicate a sales message.  There is speculation as to the legality of sending sales emails; however most e-marketing companies can offer ‘opt in’ email addresses.

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If you would like to speak with local marketing companies, just fill in the form.  We advise getting a range of quotes, as e-marketing prices vary considerably.

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