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Lots of companies are using e-marketing to generate leads, increase sales and solicit responses; however some are more successful that others.  Some e-marketing tips and advice is always helpful for any business.What Is A Bad E-mailMany e-mails are just deleted due to them being poor.  They look automated, they have spammy words in them.  The list goes on, but here are some of the top offenders.
  • blatant ‘mailers’
  • boring
  • spammy
  • slow to load
These are the main reasons that people delete e-mails (or claim not to have seen them).What Makes A Good E-mailA good e-mail is one that gets a response. People do not like to feel like one of many, so ‘mailers’ tend to be deleted, as do newsletters.  Personalised e-mails get a much better response than mailers. Here are some quick tips of getting a good response to an e-mail campaign:
  • Try to personalise the e-mail (‘Dear ‘First name’)
  • Make the e-mail short
  • Do not add an attachment
  • Put a carrot in the e-mail (something to make the recipient respond)
Like many forms of marketing, e-marketing is a skill and one that does need to be learned through trial and error.  However understanding the basics and getting it 90% right at the beginning should make a big difference to your results.  We hope you are keeping up with the e-marketing tips so far.

Does E-marketing Work For Sales

E-marketing is about numbers, the response rates tend to be around 1% – 3% as being a successful campaign.  This seems very low, but these are the stats. E-marketing companies may well be able to help in designing a great e-mail that is able to get you a great response and get you good results for your sales campaign. Some additional e-marketing tips would be compliance.

Are Your E-mails GDPR Compliant?

So what is GDPR?  GDPR is all about data protection, something Mark stumbled on with the Facebook data privacy scandal.  A good e-marketing tip is to make sure the agency you use is GDPR compliant.

Talk To Professionals

If you need more than e-marketing tips, then we advise you talking with e-marketing companies that can help you set up and manage an successful campaign.

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