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Consider The Following Email Marketing TipsHere Are Some Great Tips To Help Your E-Marketing

Lots of companies are using e-marketing to generate leads, increase sales and solicit responses.  However some are more successful that others.  

Some e-marketing tips and advice is always helpful for any business.

What Is A Bad Message

We have put together the complete guide to cold email best practices for you to consider.  Many emails look automated, they have spammy words in them.  The list goes on, but here are some of the top offenders.

  • blatant ‘mailers’
  • boring
  • spammy
  • slow to load

These are the main reasons that people delete e-mails (or claim not to have seen them).

What Makes A Good Message

E-marketing tips to getting a good clear message across takes thought.  A good one is one that gets a response.

People do not like to feel like one of many, so ‘mailers’ tend to be deleted, as do newsletters.  Personalised e-mails get a much better response than mailers.

Here are some quick tips of getting a good response to an e-mail campaign:

  • Try to personalise if you can (‘Dear ‘First name’)
  • Make the message short
  • Do not add an attachment
  • Put a carrot in the message (something to make the recipient respond)

Like many forms of marketing, e-marketing is a skill and one that does need to be learned through trial and error.  However understanding the basics and getting it 90% right at the beginning should make a big difference to your results.  

We hope you are keeping up with the e-marketing tips so far.

Does E-marketing Work For Sales

E-marketing is about numbers, the response rates tend to be around 1% – 3% as being a successful campaign.  

This seems very low, but these are the stats. E-marketing companies may well be able to help in designing a great e-mail that is able to get you a great response and get you good results for your sales campaign. Some additional e-marketing tips would be compliance.

Are Your Messages GDPR Compliant?

So what is GDPR?  GDPR is all about data protection, something Mark stumbled on with the Facebook data privacy scandal.  A good e-marketing tip is to make sure the agency you use is GDPR compliant.

Talk To Professionals

If you need more than e-marketing tips, then we advise you talking with email marketing companies that can help you set up and manage an successful campaign.

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