How Much Does E-Marketing Cost?

How Much Does E-Marketing Cost?Have You Looked Into Getting Multiple Quotes For E-marketing?

As a price comparison website, we often get asked the question, how much does e-marketing cost?  The cost of using an e-mail marketing agency will usually vary on a case by case basis.  

However there are a few things that will be factored in by an email marketing agency when giving you a quote such as:

  • Is email template design required
  • Delivery (What is the size of the list being mailed out to)
  • Level of support and/or analysis of results
  • Depth of campaign (follow up emails, A/B testing, further design changes)

To make the process easier and to gather a more accurate idea of cost, you should have in mind numbers and answers to the above considerations. This will allow agencies to give you a much better idea of the overall cost.

Cost Of The Agency

All e-marketing agencies are privately owned, they therefore set their own fees.  It is wise to shop around and compare quotes from different e-marketing companies.  How much does e-marketing cost will vary considerably depending on the agency you select.

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is quite new, spurred on by the issues that Facebook was accused of in 2018.  Asking the agency about their handling of GDPR is wise.

Why should I compare quotes from email marketing agencies?

Comparing the cost of different email marketing agencies will give you more options and help you save time and money.

Using Marketing Quotes you can receive 5 free quotes from email marketing agencies that want to work with your brand or company. You’ll be able to compare costs quickly and easily and there’s no obligation to choose a certain agency.

Compare Multiple Quotes

In looking at how much does e-marketing cost we have seen that there is the need to compare quotes.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from local e-marketing companies that can help you find out how much does e-marketing cost.

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