What Is The Cost Of A Website

WHAT IS THE COST OF A WEBSITEHow Much Does A Website Cost?

This dodes depend on a number of factors (below); but if you would like to get a quote, then just fill in the form opposite.
There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a website, like cars, there are different sorts and specs.

Number Of Pages

If you want a website that only has 3-4 pages, then this would cost around £400.  If you want a website that had 10,000 pages then this would cost significatly more.  The larger a website is, the more design work and planning is involved, and therefore the more it would cost.

Design Work Involved

Many websites these days use templates, so a designer would select the template, make some colour modifications and tweaks, and then launch it.  These sites are very cheap and quick to set up (there are also a number of free website systems that can offer the same thing to the novice).
If you are looking for a bespoke website (that is not an ‘off the shelf design’) then there are tens of thousands of website designers that can help.  Each one will set their own fees based on the following:

  • Their experience (new designers/freelancers are quite cheap)
  • Their profit margins (all designers need cars, holidays etc.)
  • Their resources (if they have a design team and techie gadgets, they will charge more)

Shop Around For Quotes

As all website designers are profit making companies, it is necessary to shop around and compare quotes.  Have a look at their portfolio, chat to some of their current customers, if they are expensive can they justify their rates?  Are they local, can you meet them?  Do they have support services to offer?  Can they offer a mock up so you can see what their design flair is like?

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