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There are over 50 marketing companies in Cambridge, ranging from small website designers, PR agencies and full service agencies that have all resources internally.

The difficulty is finding the ‘right’ marketing company for your particular business.  The internet is very large, giving lots of choice.  However too much choice can make the job harder.

Cambridge University is regularly bringing new talent into the area.

That is where we at Marketing Quotes aim to help.  To help you find the ‘right’ marketing company for your business.

Just fill in the form to get quotes from up to 5 local marketing agencies in Cambridge that know your industry sector.

Why Do You Need Marketing?

This sounds like a silly question, but why do you need marketing?

Did you want more customers, did you need more income/turnover?  This is lead generation, which is different to marketing.

Ask any marketing agency in Cambridge and they will advise you that marketing is more like scattering seed than it is generating new customers.

Marketing is there to raise your brand awareness, make you known to your competitors and your customers.

If you are looking for lead generation, we can help with that, but it is a form of marketing rather than marketing itself.

Choosing A Marketing Agency In Cambridge

Since you are in Cambridge, it only makes sense to work with a local marketing company in Cambridge rather than one in Hull or Cardiff.

Location is important for loyalties perspective, if you are local the agency is more likely to work harder.  If they are due to look you in the eye and explain their lack of success.  Accountability is important as it is a working relationship.  You pay them, they work for you, to generate you the results you have agreed.

Experience Is Important

Both experience in marketing, but experience of marketing in your industry is important.

Many marketing agencies have experience in a specific industry sector.  Music for example, engineering or retail.

If you are an accountant, why would you talk with an agency that is experience in marketing for retail companies?  You wouldn’t, you would prefer to work with an agency that knows your market, your products and competitors.

How long have the agency been trading for?

Have they got 10 years of marketing experience, or are they newly established?

Why Not Arrange A Meeting

The benefit of using a marketing agency in Cambridge is that you can meet with them.  A meeting is good for a number of reasons.

You can meet the team, have a look at their offices (maybe they are based in Brighton and have a virtual office?) and focus on your campaign.

Did you already have a marketing strategy in place?  This is something that you can discuss with the agency the  you meet with them.

Many agencies make claims on their website ‘we are the number 1 marketing agency in the UK’.  A meeting gives you the chance to look them in the eye and ask how they can substantiate it.

Some agencies claim to be a Google Partner, and therefore the agency you should select.  However Why choose a Google partner does it mean they are better than all the others?

What Kind Of Marketing Do You Need?

What form of marketing did you need?

Were you looking for more business?

Did you need advertising?

Did you need media support?  There are many PR agencies in Cambridge that could assist.

All marketing companies in Cambridge are different.  PR agencies, SEO companies and some that do everything.

Let us know what area of marketing you need and we can get you quotes from a few agencies to compare.

Did you have a website?  There are many website designers in Cambridge that can not only create you a website, but also market is (through organic SEO, social media and paid advertising).

Are people finding your website?

In the short term, advertising online is a quick way to get you found.  There are dozens of PPC companies in Cambridge that can help set up your campaign.

Long term, ranking organically on the search engines is important.  As such, talking with SEO companies in Cambridge will be helpful.

Compare Prices From Marketing Companies In Cambridge

All marketing agencies in Cambridge set their own prices, based on their overheads, staff costs and profit margins.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for.  Choosing the most expensive agency does not mean you will get the best results.  However choosing the cheapest agency is not the best choice either.

We want to help you get the best marketing support, for the best price.

Just fill in the form and we will help you get a few quotes from local marketing companies from Cambridge that know your industry sector.

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