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There are nearly 30 PPC companies in Cambridge and the surrounding area.  There are in addition many website designers in Cambridge that offer PPC along with their design services.

Cambridge university is local, so new creatives are regularly cropping up.

The problem you face is trying to find the right one for your business.  Since there are so many, how do you find the best one?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by helping you get quotes from up to 5 local PPC agencies in Cambridge that know your industry sector.

Experience Counts

Both experience in PPC advertising on search engines, and experience in your industry are important.

How long has the agency been established?  Did you really want to work with an agency that has just started up and has no track record?

If you are a medical business, would choosing a PPC agency that has most of it’s clients in the fashion industry?  We do advise using an agency that has  track record in your industry sector.

All PPC companies in Cambridge will need access to you analytics account, in order to see what your website traffic is currently like.  Also to get an idea of the sort of keywords and search phrases you want to go after.  If they know your industry, they should be able to suggest additional keywords that may not be as expensive to target.

A Meeting Would Be Helpful

In working with a local agency, you do get a loyalty that you would not get if you were to choose an agency in London or New York.

A meeting gives you a chance to meet the team, see their offices, and question any claims they make on their website.

Many PPC companies in Cambridge claim ‘we are the UK’s number 1 PPC agency’.  You can ask why and how they claim this.

Many are Google Partner agencies, to try and stand out as being better than other agencies.  Why choose a Google Partner agency, are there any guarantee of them getting you results?

At the meeting you can get a feel for their industry knowledge, and if they know much about your competitors.

Review meetings are also helpful, to discuss how your campaign is going and assess if there are any improvements that can be made.  The agency are more likely to get you results if they know they are due to have a review meeting.

Compare Quotes From PPC Agencies In Cambridge

All marketing companies in Cambridge set their own rates, therefore PPC costs will vary considerably.

Your monthly costs will comprise of your PPC budget (the cost per click paid to the search engines) and the management fee to the agency.  It is the monthly management fee that will vary, from a few hundred to a few thousand per month.

For this reason, we do advise comparing quotes from a few local agencies.

With marketing, you do not get what you pay for,  The most expensive agency does not make them the best.  However the cheapest agency is not necessarily the one to choose.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes from a few local PPC companies in Cambridge that know your industry sector.

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