Marketing for Wedding Companies

Marketing for wedding businesses is essential, as the wedding sector is becoming more and more crowded.  The problem is finding the ‘right’ true love (well, marketing partner) to work with.  As there are so many marketing agencies in the UK to choose from.  We always advise using someone that knows about marketing for wedding companies.Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing agencies that know the wedding industry.

Why You Need Support

The wedding sector is a growing market, and as the UK population continues to grow, so to does the number of marriages.  The knock on effect is that your competition is also growing.  As the world of celebrity weddings continues to take the media spotlight, people do want more lavish weddings (sometimes going into debt as a result for that special day).  The average wedding now costs £30,000.

What Kind Of Marketing Is On Hand?

There are a variety of forms of marketing on hand, some are essential:

An Attractive Website

A website for any company is essential in today’s world.  People will wish to see pictures of the weddings you have done in the past and look at client testimonials.  Website design is also important, as people can spot a poorly designed or old website.  Technology moves quickly, so having an up to date website is important.  Marketing for wedding companies starts with you online.

Public Relations And The Media

Most wedding companies like you tend to work in the local area, supporting local couples.  For this reason, having good media coverage in the local press is wise.  PR for wedding planners is not expensive, and can be a very powerful tool.  PR is a great tool for marketing for wedding companies.

Paid Internet Advertising

Most people that are looking for wedding support will use the internet; as such, having a strong presence is essential.  PPC for wedding companies can be quickly set up, and should not cost much to maintain.  Bear in mind that anyone that looks for anything these days will use the internet.  So having that online presence is essential to being found.

How Much Will Marketing Cost?

All areas of advertising and marketing carry different prices, depending on a number of factors:
  • How Much Is Needed – Do you just want a small campaign, or a large hard hitting ongoing one?
  • What Medium You Use – All forms of marketing have different prices
  • Which Agency You Use – All agencies are private companies with their own profit margins

Compare Quotes

We do advise getting a few quotes from different agencies, in order to find the most experienced agency at the best price.

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