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For a wedding planning business, you need to have a bright and attractive website.  For this reason, website design for wedding planning businesses needs to have a very unique approach, both to the layout, colours and branding (the kind of emotions that website visitors will experlnecie)

We always advise talking to local experts  where possible, as meeting with the designer can result in a much better website for your wedding planning business.  You can look at your competitors together, look at different designs, see what you both like and see what will not work.  This should result both in you saving money, but also getting a much better website for your money.

The Wedding Industry

The wedding industry is growing as many couples choose to “outsource” their special day to professionals, so as to relieve stress and to get the right touch.  Weddings are notoriously stressful occasions, as so much can go wrong to ruin ‘The Day’.   The wedding sector is worth millions, as new companies spring up to help the happy couple.  Website design for wedding planning businesses needs to be modern and re-assuring.

Website Design For Wedding Planning Companies

Your website has to be one of the first areas of marketing for wedding businesses to tackle.  An essential tool for wedding planners is having a website; the wedding planning industry is becoming more competitive.  Many people, most of them women with associated skills, are starting their own wedding planning agencies; some are building a business alongside other daytime jobs, while momentum is being built.  As more and more wedding planning websites are springing up, there is a need to compete on a design level.

The website of a wedding planner is normally the first port of call for any prospective customer, so they can obtain an impression of who you are and what you provide; the style of venues, available dates, proposed menus, prices, and plenty of photographs, all create an impression, a dream.

Wedding planning websites do not need to be large and complicated; they can be quite simple just giving reassurance to customers that every aspect of their special day would be taken care of with safe hands. Skill and care are required to create a successful website; one that will draw both the couple and their parents to you, over your competitors; but especially the bride, or her mother!

Choosing An Expert

There are many agencies around the UK that have a background and knowledge of the wedding planning industry.  Selecting a designer that has already designed such sites will be very helpful, as they will have a better understanding about which designs work, and which designs do not.

It is vitally important to meet up with the agency you finally choose to discuss design ideas, colours, content, textures, and the sort of information which would be helpful, useful or essential, to people looking for support on their big day.

Compare Prices

Websites vary in price from a few hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of pounds; therefore it is necessary to shop around for website design prices.

There is no set price as all designers set their own rates based on their experience, background and client base.

Rather than spending hours on google looking for a designer, let us help.

To compare quotes and receive advice from several website design agencies, as near to you as we are able to find, just fill in the form. The service is free and without obligation.

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