Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile Friendly Website Design Is Essential Today

Mobile friendly website design is important for any one these days.  Since Google has changed it’s algorithm, they have to be mobile friendly in order to qualify to their criteria.  Millions of searches each day are made on tablets & smart phones, so having a mobile friendly site is essential.

Some receive very little traffic from mobile devices however, mainly due to the behaviour of users.

Platforms such as Facebook will receive a lot of mobile visitors due to the type of website they are.

People that are on the move, waiting for a bus, in a shopping queue will pop onto Facebook as a way of killing time.  Sites such as car insurance websites will receive much fewer mobile visits as people that are looking for car insurance will do it at home when they are focused.

However being mobile friendly still applies, Google does not differentiate between the industry application, only that all websites have to have a mobile friendly website design.

If you need to know how much does a website cost with mobile features is, just fill in the form.

Why Not Create An App?

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Burger King have specially created applications that allow visitors a much different experience than being on their website alone.

Apps are mainly created for regular returning users.  Whether it is a social media platform like Facebook, a fast food restaurant like McDonalds or your banking website, apps give a much different experience to mobile users.  In this case talking to a mobile and app development company may be helpful?

Most web users do not use mobile devices for normal browsing.  People are busy and when on the go, mobile devices are used for very specific reasons.  Checking a bank balance.  Social media browsing,  Texting or WhatsApp conversations.  Catching up on the news.  Playing games.

So depending on what your audience will be using it for, an app would only be necessary in certain cases.

Web Designers & App Designers

Any business looking for mobile friendly design or an app will need to use a designer to produce it.  Whether this is using a full time member of staff (or department) or using an external agency, a specialist is needed.

However, how do you find the best web designer?

How do you find a top agency, one that will produce cutting edge mobile friendly design at a reasonable price?  Bear in mind all agencies are private companies and are looking to make a profit, how do find the best one?

Web design prices do vary considerably from agency to agency.  Website designers in London will charge more than ones in Dorst as they have higher costs.  However will you get a mobile friendly one that is better just because you paid a London based designer to produce it?

Compare Quotes

These days shopping around and comparing quotes has become very normal.  All companies, from restaurants to insurance companies sell the same or similar products or services are very different prices.  The same can be said for mobile friendly website design.  You can get the same website and pay thousands or pounds more from it depending on who you use.

This is why we want to help you save time and money.  There are tens of thousands of creative agencies in the UK to choose from

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