Outsourcing Full Service Marketing

In times of recession, outsourcing full service marketing is sometimes necessary in order to cut back on costs.

Full service marketing companies are equipped to be able to handle all marketing on behalf of their clients. Design and development of the website, PR, graphics and design work, mailing, e-marketing, telemarketing (although sometimes this is subcontracted out to telemarketing companies) etc.

Why Outsource Full Service Marketing?

The main reason for companies oursourcing their marketing is to save on costs. Recruiting, training and employing staff is expensive, taking into account holiday pay, sickness, social issues that staff have (relationship problems etc.) are all issues that outsourcing deals with.

How To Manage Full Service Marketing

As all the skills are under one roof, clients are able to ensure that the outsourced marketing team are able to deliver all areas of marketing on time. Rather than being dependent on internal staff and chasing them to get results (or deadlines) the whip can be cracked to the agency to meet requirements subject to agreed timescales.

Choosing The Full Service Marketing Agency

When considering which full service marketing agency to use, one thing to consider is that there are hundreds around, thousands. Some full service agencies only handle part of the projects themselves, they may outsource part of the projects to friends or other agencies (this is more marketing consultancy rather than full service).

Experience is something that needs to be considered, does the full service marketing company know your industry. Have they worked in your market before and do they understand your client base?

Compare Prices

Indeed outsourcing marketing is cheaper than employing staff direct (when you consider the costs of recruitment, training and retaining staff) however as times ar e tough, shopping around is wise in order to ensure that value for money is achieved.

Ask about referrals and talk to some of the agencies current clients. Do their current clients feel they are good value for money, are they getting results and can they recommend them?

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