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There are over 20 PPC agencies in Canterbury, not to mention many website designers in Canterbury that offer PPC along with design services.

The difficulty is finding the ‘right’ agency for your business.  Do you choose a freelancer, or a larger well established agency?  Do you choose the one at the top of the search engine?  Do you go with a Google Premier Partner?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you a few quotes from local PPC companies in Canterbury that know your industry sector.

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Things To Consider

When choosing a PPC agency in Canterbury, it is wise to consider how long they have been doing PPC advertising.  Are they a new agency or startup?  Are they established with a track record of success?

Often staff will leave an agency to set up their own company, they do know how to use Google Adwords, but do not have a track record as an agency.  It is worth finding out how experienced the agency is.

Do they know your industry sector?

Often PPC companies in Canterbury will have a varied client list, engineering, medical, retail etc.

It is wise to use an agency that does understand your industry, and have worked with similar companies to yours.  If you are a builder, it is wise to use an agency that has done PPC for builders in the past.  They will have a better understanding of the varied keywords you need to be targeting (long tail and short tail).

Meeting the agency is also good.  You can go through your analytics account together to see what your organic rankings are like to tie in the PPC campaign with.

A meeting also gives you a chance to vet the agency, asking about any claims they make on their website (such as ‘we are the UK’s top PPC agency’).

Considered Re-Marketing And Social Media

PPC advertising is not just limited to the main search engines that we all are familiar with seeing adverts.  Advertising carries over numerous web platforms.

Re-marketing is when your adverts follow previous visitors around partnering websites such as news websites.

Advertising on social media is very popular with a wide range of businesses and is a lot cheaper than advertising on the main search engines like Google and Bing.

How To Optimise Your Campaigns

Most PPC companies in Canterbury should give you this advice:

  • The Relevance Of Your Keywords

How relevant are your chosen keywords to your landing page?  Are they the likely keywords your audience is likely to be searching for?

  • The Quality Of Your Adverts And Landing Pages

This is known as ‘quality score’; Are the keywords you are targeting appearing on your target page.  Are they evenly distributed throughout the page with variations?

  • A Strong Foundation

Your Adwords campaign can be likened to that of a house.  It is built on strong foundations and kept tidy.

Compare Multiple Quotes From PPC Companies In Canterbury

PPC costs do vary significantly, since all agencies set their own fees.

You will pay a cost per click for the keywords you wish to target (which is paid either to the search engine, or the social media website), but also pay the agency a monthly management fee.

The more time the agency spend managing your account, the higher their fees will be.  However agencies monthly fees vary.

You do not get what you pay for, the most expensive agency is not necessarily the best.

We want to help you find the best agency for the lowest cost.  We are not saying go with the cheapest agency, it is about experience and the chemistry you have with them.

Just fill in the form and let us help you get a few quotes from local PPC agencies in Canterbury that know your industry sector.

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