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Since everyone uses the internet these days, PPC for builders is essential.  Whether you are a leading brand like Bovis Homes, or a small freelance builder, PPC for builders will help you be found on google.  Just fill in the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from PPC companies with experience in marketing for builders.

Why Would Builders Need PPC?

The internet is a crowded space, and in any town or city, there are hundreds of building companies competing to internet coverage.  There are the natural results that search engines serve, but also the paid adverts.  If you are not listed on either of these, then you will get very few sales enquiries as customers are going to the competition.  Bing ads and google ads are the leading platforms that you can use.

How Much Would PPC For Builders Cost?

The costs can be broken down into two areas, the cost of the advertising itself (which goes to the search engine) and the cost of the setting up and management of the campaign (which goes to the agency).  The monthly costs can be controlled, so depending on the marketing budget, you could spend hundreds a month or millions.

Choosing An Agency

When considering PPC for builders, there are thousands of PPC agencies in the UK to choose from.  It is wise to select one that has got experience in the construction sector, one that has a track record and a history of success in managing profitable campaign.  If they have construction marketing experience, they are likely to produce you results fast.

Get A Few Quotes

It is wise to compare a few agencies, to get a few prices and compare quotes.  Since prices range so much, comparing a variety of agencies is wise.  Just fill in the form and we will get you quotes today on PPC for builders that work in the construction sector.

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