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There are over 20 PPC agencies in Durham, along with a large number of web designers in Durham that offer PPC along with their design services.

The problem is deciding which agency to use.  Do you use a small agency/startup company?  A well established agency?  What about one of the many marketing companies in Durham that offer PPC along with a broader range of services?  What about someone outside the city, in Coventry or London?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you quotes from a few PPC companies from around Durham that know your industry sector.

Why Sector Experience Is Important

If you had the choice of using a PPC company that knows your sector, your competitors and your products/service or one that does not, which would you trust more?

Exactly, knowledge is power, and sector experience does count when it comes to getting your adverts seen by the right people.

Most PPC companies in Durham will be able to set up adverts with your keywords, indeed you will be able to also.  However you want be spending as little as possible and getting the best results as possible.  It is very easy to overspend on PPC, by targeting the wrong sort of keywords, or keywords that are very expensive.

Sector experience carries over to the social media marketing you do also.  PPC on social media websites like Facebook is a lot cheaper than the main search engines like Google and Bing.

Why PPC Experience Is Important

If you had the choice of using a PPC company that has just started trading, or one that has been trading for 10 years, which would you trust more?

Exactly, experience is important.  Even if the agency is set up by someone that claims to have 10 years experience with an agency, they as an agency have not track record.  How competent are they with Google Adwords or Bing Ads, do they know them inside out?

Having a look through their website to see what clients they have worked with is important, to get a feel for their sector experience as well as their track record.  However can you be assured that their website is 100% accurate and not just marketing material?

Things to consider

What market are you in?

One of the big things which will effect you is the cost of the clicks on your adverts.

If you are in a competitive sector (such as insurance) the cost of your ‘keywords’ will be higher.  For this reason, using variations is wise (this is called long tail keywords).

Another thing to consider is your landing page.

You have to ensure that when a customer clicks on your advert, it goes to a page which is going to ‘convert’ them to submit an enquiry.  For this reason, getting a specific landing page produced may be necessary.

Why A Meeting Is Important

Meeting with any PPC companies in Durham is important, to ensure that any claims on their website are accurate.

It gives you a chance to meet the team, have a look at their offices, discuss any awards they may have won, or what their Google Partner status actually means.

You can run through your Google Analytics account and search console, to see what your website traffic is currently like and which keywords you need to be targeting.

Review meetings are also good, since the agency is local it is good to meet up to look over how things are going.  Are they able to reduce your advertising costs without reducing your clicks to order?  Are you getting ROI from your investment with them?

Compare Quotes From Multiple Marketing Experts

All marketing companies in Durham are independent, therefore set their own fees.  For this reason, the monthly management fees you could pay will vary considerably, from a few hundred pounds a month, to several thousand.  PPC costs do vary massively.

The cheapest agency is not necessarily going to be the best, however choosing the most expensive is no guarantee they are going to be the best one for you.

Marketing is not about getting the cheapest price, like with car insurance, it is about finding the ‘right’ agency for you.

One thing we did not discuss is chemistry.  How do you get on with them on the phone, do you feel comfortable when you meet them?  Do you trust that the money you invest with them will be a wise investment?

We at Marketing Quotes want to help you find the best PPC agency in Durham, for the best price.

Just fill in the form and let us help you.

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