SEO For Fashion Websites

SEO For Fashion WebsitesDoes Your Fashion Brand Need Search Engine Optimisation?

If you need more website visitors to your fashion website, why not talk with SEO companies that have experince in doing SEO for fashion websites? 

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Do Fashion Companies Need Optimisation?

The industry is among the most competitive of all industry sectors.  There are designers and retailers constantly trying to outgun each other.   Each looking to create the next best product that will rocket sales, create the Christmas line that will ensure that they do not become a casualty of the recession.

Fashion websites are playing more and more or a crucial part of fashion companies income.  Since more and more people are choosing to use online shopping rather than go into town for the afternoon.

Online shops such as Assos are offering very cheap fashion goods with other retailers such as Primark, Topshop and River Island struggling to catch up. 

As store costs/staff wages go up and shops bring new products costs down, making margins is becoming harder (hence Envy going into administration in April 2011).

They need to ensure that their websites are found on search engines for all of their chosen keywords and search phrases (of which there could be hundreds of even thousands of variants).

However, SEO for fashion websites is not where it stops.  Good PR plays an important roll, as does TV advertising and media coverage.  These all link back to SEO for fashion brands in many ways.

We at Marketing Quotes have also put together some helpful tips on how fashion brands can succeed online both organically and on paid media.

Choosing An Experienced Expert

You face the difficulty of which search engine optimisation company to use, there are thousands around.  So many offer ‘award winning google approved SEO’, there are overseas companies (from India) offering website optimisation at ‘affordable prices’.

It is wise to use an search company that has done SEO for fashion brands in the past.  If the firm understands fashion marketing and has done website optimisation for fashion brands before, then they will be a good agency to talk to. 

If the agency has shops and retail companies that they currently work for (successfully) then they are worth a few minutes to review.

Optimising a website for the fashion industry is different to optimising a website for the engineering industry.  There is an element of knowledge and understanding that comes in and experience counts for everything.

By flicking through an optimisation companies portfolio should show their level of website optimisation for fashion brands.

Compare Prices

One thing to bear in mind is that all website optimisation companies are in business to make profit, so shopping around for the best price is wise. 

On the other hand, the cheapest price does not equal the best optimisation work.  

SEO prices do vary a lot – so it is worth shopping around. Paying for quality is always good, but with website optimisation, choosing a quality firm is not easy.

An optimisation company should have no problems giving their clients contact details if they are doing a good job (of course with their permission).

For more advice or quotes on SEO for fashion websites, just fill in the form.

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