10 Tips For Fashion Brands To Succeed Online in 2021

10 Tips For Fashion Brands To Succeed Online in 2021Why The Global Fashion Industry Crashed?

Since COVID-19 landed, 60% of global businesses have either really struggled, or completely closed , either due to lockdown, or due to the ripple effects.  Fashion brands have struggled due to the ripple effect that COVID has caused.  The global lockdown meant that people are not going out to weddings, gatherings or even for nights out.  Consumers globally are not shopping as they did previously meaning that fashion brands globally are not selling products.

All marketing for fashion companies happens globally, online marketing more so now than ever before.  In order to be successful, we have put together 10 tips in order for your fashion brand to be successful in 2021 and beyond, be you a global brand like Superdry, or a startup brand with limited funds.

1/ Dominate Social Media

Since the launch of Facebook in 2004, social media has been one of the most powerful forms of marketing for global fashion brands, helping startups become global players pretty much overnight.

Having a presence of social media is essential, and spanning the ever growing social media platforms is just as important.

Knowing your demographic you can easily target your posts, in particular using the various sponsored options on each platform to ensure your fashion brand is being seen by your target audience.

2/ Use Google Shopping

Google shopping is very popular with pretty much any consumer product, allowing images of your fashion products to appear at the top of any search result whether it is for trainers, hoodies, jeans or converse all stars.

Google shopping adverts are essential for any fashion brand to be seen by your target audience.

3/ Set Up Re-Targeting Ads

Re-targeting is essential for any fashion brand as every marketing agency would tell you.  Re-targeting allows your adverts to follow your audience across any websites that allow your adverts to appear.  Whether the web user goes to a news website, a social media site, your adverts can follow them giving your brand the chance to remain in front of them.

This tactic is used by a huge number of brands from Coca Cola to tree surgeons.  Re-targeting is essential for fashion brands in 2021.

4/ Do Your Keyword Research

Your keyword research is essential to your marketing campaign being successful.

Since everyone is different, consumers will often use different keywords or search terms in order to find what they are looking for.  Since some keywords are more expensive to ‘sponsor’ than others, having a variety of keywords for your products to appear is important.

Also keeping an eye on consumer trends and ‘buzzwords’ that people may use in order to find the fashion product they are looking for.

5/ Link Your Marketing Campaign To Google Analytics

Any marketing campaign would use the free tool from Google to track your traffic.  Google Analytics allows you to see who is visiting your website, what search terms are popular, what countries people are coming from and other metrics allowing you to monitor and tweak your online marketing campaign.

Your fashion brand can also monitor bounce rates (when people visit your website and quickly leave) allowing you to update your page design or layout.

Google analytics is a great tool to help you get the most out of marketing online in 2021.

6/ Test Your Landing Pages

Using Google Adwords tools allows you to test different landing pages to see which ones perform best.

People are fickle and can be turned off by the slightest thing.  A colour that looks good to your design team may be off-putting to teenagers.  The jargon or text your use could be off-putting to older people you are wanting to sell your fashion products to.

One thing to look out for with your landing page tests is the bounce rate (as mentioned above) to see if people remain to buy, or click back and go to your competitor.

7/ Optimise Your Website

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing as the SEO landscape continues to shift.  Using sponsored advertising such as Google Adwords or AdSense is one thing, but trying to get organic visitors is just as important (if not more for fashion brands).

Optimising your website through the page titles, meta tags, and keywords should give you the best chance of your website ranking organically in the main search results.

8/ Monitor Your Website With Google Search Console

Another free tool that Google gives to all website owners is Google Search Console.  This tool allows you to monitor any page errors, submit an up to date sitemap (so google knows what pages you have) and gives advise on any changes Google suggests you make to keep them happy.

You can also track how many times your website appears in google search results (impressions) and how many people visit your website (day to day, per week, per month).

9/ Get A Specialist Marketing Expert

Running an effective online marketing campaign is very complicated and requires experience (for you to get a good ROI) and time (to monitor, test and amend your campaign settings).

We at Marketing Quotes suggest you using a marketing agency that has experience of working with fashion brands.  There are thousands of digital marketing companies in the UK, we advise you use one that has experience of doing marketing for fashion companies.

10/ Use Review Websites

Review websites such as Feefo or Google Reviews are a must for any fashion brand.  This gives customers the opportunity to fly your flag, to let others know what your brand is line.  Did they like your product, is it value for money, what was delivery like?

Even if you are a global fashion brand, you still need to have people raving about your products.  This can all be tied into your social media marketing campaign and even link it into youtube or Tik Tok clips.

The World Is Changing

Yes this is a quote from Lord of the Rings, but the world is changing.  More people are buying online as we have seen the Amazon vans through 2020 delivering to our neighbours.

The online world for fashion companies is growing; and as lockdown starts to ease and the world looks towards waking up again, you need your fashion brand in 2021 and onwards to dominate.

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