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Marketing for fashion brands is essential and growing more competitive each year.  

The difficulty is finding the ‘right’ agency, as there are hundreds of marketing companies around the UK.  

We always advise talking to agencies that have experience in doing marketing for fashion labels.

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from 5 local marketing companies that know the fashion and clothing industry.

UK Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving as new styles are consistently influenced by music, TV, gang culture and celebrities. Ra ra skirts were popular in the 1950’s and have come back.  

Hoodies are in again as a throwback to the 1980’s.  

The gothic culture came and went.  The punk culture came and went and all other fashion cultures come in for a season, and then leave.

Jeans were popular in the 1970’s, now they are back; you have to pay more for jeans that have designer rips in them (the more rips, the more they cost).

Brands such as Armani and Versace are classics.  New brands come and go with numerous celebrities like Victoria Beckham launching their own brands.  

The top fashion brands are voted each year.

Makeup Trends

Makeup is not a new fashion, it can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Egyptians.  

The African nations, the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans, Middle Eastern countries and Europeans also had their own makeup.

Victorians were known to use makeup in order to make their skin pailer wheras now, darker skin is fashionable.

Skin Colour And Tanning Trends

These days, paler skin (like the Victorians) is out and tanned skin is in. 

Tanning studios, sunbeds, fake tan are all in demand as people that cannot afford 2-3 annual holidays all give the illusion of having the lifestyle.  

Then they post the pictures on Instagram.

Clothing Trends

Clothing plays a central part of the industry as new clothing trends come and go.  Hoodies, tank tops, ripped jeans, skinny jeans as society dictates what is in and what is out.

Hair Style Trends

Hair styles are constantly changing as the celebrity industry advises what looks good and what does not. 

Jennifer Aniston’s hair was copied by millions of women as it changed through the episodes of ‘Friends’.  

All the men wanted hair like John Travolta in ‘Grease’ in the 1970’s.

Marketing For Your Fashion Brand

Marketing in the fashion industry is possibly one of the most active of all industry sectors.  

Even during the times of recession that the UK is/was going through.

Clothing companies, hair, perfume, and all other kinds of beauty industry business that fall into the sector are advertising and promoting themselves on a daily basis.  

Through the media, radio, magazines and all other channels to encourage us to get into the ‘in thing’.  

Standing out is the issue, marketing for fashion brands is here to stay.

Dynamic Websites

You need to have a website, mostly e-commerce websites that are attractive and modern to ensure that visitors will invest in your brand and purchase the latest and hottest design.  

Fashion websites designers are normally very experienced in making fashion websites look appealing and standing out as being desirable brands.  

The actual website design needs to be clean, modern and even playful (depending on the individual brand).

Search Optimisation

The fashion industry is highly competitive and market share is fought over aggressively.  

SEO for fashion companies is important so that your website appear high on we searches for both brand searches (Levis, Gucci, Burberry, Armani, Guess, Jigsaw etc.) and for your shop. 

Search engines are continually changing, therefore the results on fashion industry related searches are continually changing also.

Paid Advertising

PPC advertising is a great way for you to appear alongside the naturally appearing results on search engines all day every day.  For a small fee, you can ensure that you are appearing for your keywords all the time. 

Targeted PPC for fashion companies can ensure that you get good exposure on the internet to attract the relevant visitors to your website.

Public Relations And The Media

Public relations plays a major roll in marketing for fashion brands.  

Getting effective PR coverage in the media is what marketing is all about. 

There are a wide number of PR agencies for the fashion industry, ones that know and understand about the industry and generating you good media coverage.


You can use a wide range of advertising mediums.  

TV advertising is popular, viral, social media marketing , billboard advertising, magazines) and each is effective both in creating brand awarness and in raising the profile of your company. 

There are a wide section of advertising agencies with fashion experience around the UK (mainly around London) and can help in setting up and managing an affective campaign.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Marketing for fashion companies can be a bit of a mine field.  However choosing an agency that has experience in the fashion industry should make the campaign more effective.  

One thing to bear in mind is that all marketing companies are private.  They all have different profit margins.  

Therefore we advise shopping around and comparing quotes.

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