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Social Media Marketing For Estate AgentsCompare Quotes On Social Media Marketing For Your Estate Agent

Social media marketing for estate agents is very popular since most of us are on one or more platforms.

For selling houses, social media sites are a very cost effective way of getting in front of prospective buyers.  Since the UK is facing a housing shortage, houses can be snapped up quickly using social media.

The challenge however is deciding to do it internally, or use an agency.  If you use an agency, do you use a freelancer or small agency, or do you use a larger award winning agency?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you a few quotes from local marketing experts that have experience in doing social media marketing for estate agents.

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Experience Is Important

Two forms of experience we feel are important are sector experience and track record.

How long has the agency been established, have they been doing social media marketing long?

New marketing agencies are starting up all the time, either from university graduates, or from experienced marketers that have left their agency to go it alone.

Do they know the property sector, have they done marketing for estate agents in the past?

Since COVID-19, the property market has boomed, since the government gave a stamp duty holiday.  This means that competition is higher than it has ever been.

Pictures Are Good, Videos Are Great

Social media sites are perfect for selling houses, as they allow for pictures and videos.

As lockdown has caused a lack of physical viewing, virtual tours and walk throughs have been very popular.

Tik Tok is a great platform as is Facebook for estate agents to use.  The advertising options allow for specific targeting for location or for gender.

Creativity Is Important

Selling homes is not really an exciting topic to talk about and most people do not like estate agents.

Being creative therefore is something that is important.

Social media is very new as marketing goes, and video sites like Tik Tok can take some of the boredom out of selling property.

Talking to a social media influencer company is a good idea as they have seen it all.  From influencers that do food reviews, dances, extreme sports, the list goes on.

Using a social media influencer to help your estate agent may well be the creative edge you need.

Marketing is all about exposure, if you can get a million or several million people looking at your videos, this could tip the scales in your balance.

Social Media Influencers

Since 2020 and the lockdown periods we all remember, many people have calved out a new career path, know as being social media influencers.

Many property and estate agents have noticed that using a social media influencer is like adding another string to the marketing bow.

There are many social media influencers in the UK that do property reviews, property walk arounds, historical property tours and so on.

Using a social media influencer for your estate agent can expose your firm the hundreds of thousands if not millions of potential customers.  This can be used for both local and independent estate agents to millions.

Social media influencers are typically very creative and can produce new and creative content that could go viral!

Social Media Marketing Can Take Time

Social media marketing for estate agents is unique, as houses are very high value.

With a lot of SMM, comedy is a great angle for selling and engagement, however this cannot really be done with selling houses.

New posts daily are important, in order to keep the marketing wheels turning.  This can take time, time to film, time to engage with comments, time to make each post unique.

Choosing the right agency is important, as all marketing agencies in the UK are independent.  Many claim ‘we are the top marketing agency in the UK’ or claim to have won multiple awards.

Let Us Help You

We want to help you find the best social media agency for your estate agent.

Choosing an agency based on price is something we do not advise.  For example, choosing the most expensive marketing company in London does not mean they will get you the best results.  Equally, going with the cheapest agency is not advised.

We feel chemistry does play a part in the selection process.  How do you feel when you talk to your point of contact?  Do they seem to know their craft?  Do they have experience in the housing sector?

Experience is also important.  Do they know the property market?  Have they got a track record of success?

Social media for estate agents is popular and highly competitive.  Let us help you find the ‘right’ agency for your brand.

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