Marketing For Estate Agents

Marketing For Estate AgentsDoes Your Estate Agent Need Help With Marketing?

Marketing for estate agents takes a specific approach, a specific set of skills and a specific marketing agency.  

Marketing is essential in order to both communicate with your customers, and to draw in new ones.

There are many forms of marketing that you can use, we advise using a variety of forms in order to have an effective campaign.

Compare quotes from 5 local marketing companies that have experience in doing marketing for estate agents.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes from marketing companies that know the property industry.

The Problem

Surely it is simple, people need houses and do not have the time and resource to find their own houses.  

So with this in mind, it must be easy to successfully market your agency?  Wrong, for a number of reasons:

  1. Price Comparison Websites – there is a growing number of price comparison websites limiting the individual.  Sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla
  2. Competition – There is a growing industry of competitors.  More so from online property sites
  3. Recession – It is effecting buying and selling houses.

There are a number of ways that you can successfully market yourself to stay alive during the recession both through promotion and through business decisions.  

Marketing for estate agents does need to be thought out differently during these difficult economic times.

Business Decisions

Be unique, sometimes having a portfolio of properties of all kinds can go against you; being unique and focusing on certain kinds of property can be very effective.  

People will see you as an ‘expert’ even if you are not, as you have 80% of properties that are local and relevant (as opposed to local properties and only a few are relevant).  

Be personal; too many agents are false, people can see this and do not like it.  

Cater for children, moving house is stressful (next to getting married) so having resources for children (even someone that can engage with them) is a good move – makes it more personal. 

Marketing Decisions

There are lots of forms of marketing that you can use, and some that are essential.  For any, you need to talk with marketing agencies that have experience in doing marketing for estate agents.

A Dynamic Website

After all, your website is an essential promotional tool.  We now live in a technological age, things have changed and even old people are using websites to view potential properties.  

The website design and layout is important as it needs to be professional and attractive to all people.

There are so many websites on the web, having a site that stands out, showcases properties well and is well promoted is very wise.

Consider website design for estate agents, they need to have high quality pictures, be simple to navigate, quick to load and simple to find online.

Website Promotion

Having a great website that looks great is fine, but if no-one finds it, then it is rather pointless.  

There are thousands of property agents around the UK and many price comparison websites (like and; therefore standing out is essential.  

SEO for estate agents needs to be considered, like design there are thousands of SEO companies, choosing one that has worked within the industry (effectively and successfully) is important.

The internet is a big place, therefore appearing on search engines naturally for local and regional searches are very wise and essential to your success.

Paid advertising (PPC advertising) is also something that is very important these days.  Rarely do users go past page 1 for anything they are looking for, therefore if you are not on page 1, you are nowhere.  

Internet experts that do PPC for estate agents should be considered; ones that have experience in handling campaigns in the industry.

A big part of marketing online these days is social media.  

Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are popular for estate agents to use.  This could be for engaging with potential buyers, doing polls, or anything really to get interaction going.  

Social media marketing is popular with estate agents, as specific key audiences can be targeted geographically.  Selecting an agency that has done social media for estate agents in the past is wise since experience counts.

Public Relations

Publicity is something that is possibly one of the most effective tools you can use.  

PR can be done either on-line or off-line; but good articles and stories in the local media help to give the locals the feeling that your agency is the one to talk to.  

Local people will have the choice of (in some cases) hundreds of estate agents to talk to.  

So the one that has the nicest shop, the prettiest staff, dropped a flyer through the door at the right time etc.  

This being the case, keeping the media wheels turning is a good thing in order to keep the interest there.

Considering PR for estate agents is something that is strongly advised.

There are over 5,000 PR agencies around the UK, so choosing one that is experienced with working within property is wise.  

Asking to see the agencies portfolio of clients should give a feel for their experience.  

If they have the skills, media contacts and results to prove themselves as being a good choice.

Leaflet Drops

Leaflet drops (though annoying) can be very effective, as they keep your name in the frame.  

People very rarely keep the flyers to hand (as they have flyers from pizza companies, Indian restaurants, hairdressers, kebab shops, tree surgeons, window cleaners, driving instructors).  As there are so many that find their way through the letter box; but are still very effective.


Telemarketing for estate agents is proving very popular.  

Many estate agents use them in order to help with handling calls.  This could be for generating new sales, selling mortgates, selling HIPS products or any other products attached to the selling or buying of houses.

Compare Costs On Marketing For Estate Agents

Shopping around and comparing quotes is part and parcel of our world these days.  

Marketing agencies all charge different rates for their services and some boast instant results (at a cost).  

Marketing for estate agents does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

Shopping around for the best price is important, but choosing a marketing agency with property experience is possibly more important.

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