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Social Media Marketing For HotelsCompare Quotes On Social Media Marketing For Your Hotel

Social media marketing for hotels is incredibly important and is very popular with hotels all around the UK.

Since 2004 marketing on social media platforms has evolved into a huge area of the marketing mix for hotels here in the UK.

The challenge is finding the best marketing agency to handle your campaign.  Do you use a freelancer that is working from home, do you use an established award winning marketing agency in London?

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, by getting you quotes from a few local social media marketing companies that work in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Just fill in the form and let us help you.

Early Beginnings

Facebook was the first social media platform to take hold of brand advertising and since 2004, there have been many other platforms that have sprung up.

Linkedin is big for this market as it can target professionals that use hotels of business.

Tik Tok is new and is a great place for hotels to be seen through the advertising options.

Social media started with Facebook and new platforms are popping up all the time.

Industry Experience

There are hundreds of social media companies in the UK, many more marketing companies that handle social media marketing also.  All UK SEO companies include social media marketing in their services since search engines include social media footprints in their organic ranking algorithm.

We feel that choosing a marketing agency that has worked with hotels in the past and knows about marketing for hotels is wise.  It only makes sense to use someone that has industry experience.

Some agencies have just started up and have a limited track record, we feel using an established agency is wise.

Local Is Best

There is a loyalty that comes with working with a local agency.  Even though social media for hotels is all online, working with someone local gives you more confidence.

The alternative is using an agency that is at the other end of the UK, who you will never meet.  Why not use an agency that is in another country?

We feel local is best, if there is an issue, you can pop over to meet them.

Choosing The Best Platform

All social media platforms are different, choosing the right social media platform is important to target the right audience.

If you are a seaside hotel, perhaps you will be targeting families on holiday?

Are you a city based hotel, perhaps you will be targeting professionals?

If you are a national hotel like Hilton, perhaps you will need a more targeted approach based around brand awareness?

We do advise using a few platforms in your campaign, not necessarily all of them, but more than just one.

Some Things To Consider

Using pictures and videos in posts/tweets is wise, as pictures do speak a thousand words.

Automating posts and tweets is done on platforms like Sendible is good, as it can be done outside of office hours and done as a ‘campaign’ rather than one at a time.

Having a presence is free, tweeting is free, but there is also the option of ‘sponsored advertising’ so that you can target specific niches such as age groups, locations, job rolls.

Being Creative With Social Media

Social media is a relatively new form of marketing (started in the early 2000’s) and is still evolving, the latest being video marketing via Tik Tok.

Can your hotel get creative and use a social media influencer to get you more brand exposure?

New marketing companies are social media influencer marketing companies, who have different users on their records that they can assign to different brands.

Food reviews will work with food brands etc.

Maybe having an influencer doing dances in your hotel will get you marketing exposure?  Maybe something else, but being creative is key.

Talking to social media agencies about this option will not cost you anything and could well open a door to great marketing exposure.

Compare Multiple Quotes On Social Media Management For Your Hotel

Since all UK marketing company set their own monthly fees, there is the need to compare multiple quotes.

We are not saying this is to do with price and go with the cheapest agency as we do with car insurance.  Marketing is different, you do not necessarily get what you pay for.  The most expensive agency will not necessarily be the best and deliver the best results.

We at Marketing Quotes feel that choosing a well established agency that knows the hotels and hospitality sector is wise, an agency that you have chemistry with.

Just fill in the form and let us help you get quotes from a few local social media experts that have experience in working with hotels.

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