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Marketing Advice For HotelsDoes Your Hotel Need Help With Marketing?

Marketing for hotels is important in today’s highly competitive hotel industry.  

With the internet, finding a hotel is easy, but standing out as a hotel is hard.  

Marketing for hotels is essential in order for your to stand out in the crowd.  

If your hotel needs marketing help, we can provide you with that help.

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Why Do You Need Marketing?

The hotel industry is highly competitive, for this reason you need to be actively promoting yourself so that potential guests will choose you instead of a rival.  

The industry is led by brands such as Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels and Travel lodge.  

There are also numerous price comparison websites like that offer hotel room prices.  

This makes hotels selling on price, rather than quality.  

Some hotels have an internal marketing team, or marketing person, marketing training is also available to brush up on lost skills.

Top London hotels such as the Ritz are well established for quality.  Standing out in the crowd is important.  This can only be achieved through marketing for hotels, your hotel.

What Kinds Of Marketing Can You Use?

There are a wide range of services that you can make use of both online and offline:

Dynamic Websites

Website design for hotels is essential in the modern age, as most people will use the internet to locate you and decide if your hotel is right for them.  

They need to be informative showing pictures of your rooms, the conviniences, dining areas, the foyer, and parking facilities.

 Technology moves quickly so most people can spot a poor website.  Marketing for hotels really starts with your website.  

If your website is old, or in need of a website re-deisgn, then you will loose potential clients.  Website designers can give you advice on how to get your website up and noticed.


Advertising for hotels is a great way for you to keep your name in the face of potential customers. 

Mid range ones (like Premier Inn or Travel Lodge) use TV advertising, but there are other forms of advertising available to you that are just as effective.

Paid Advertising On Search Engines

PPC for hotels is very popular due to the majority of people using the internet to source you now.  Paid advertising is quick to set up and east to control, and can be a very efficient way for you to generate guests from local web searches.  PPC advertising is possibly the quickest way to be found on the internet, however it is highly competitive.

SEO For Organic Rankings

SEO for hotels is an important tool, as the more ‘visible’ your website is, the more natural visitors it will receive.  SEO is the best form of marketing for hotels,  as it is free.  However it takes time, and with competition it will be expensive.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for hotels is very popular and ties into SEO above, since search engines like Google factor in social media footprints into their search algorithm.

Having pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter etc. daily can do wonders for getting hotels brand exposure.

Brochures For Promotion

Brochure design is a very important part of marketing for hotels. 

People like to take away a brochure or leaflet giving an overview of your facilities, but these can also be used in mailings to previous guests.  

Very often hotels will have a colourful brochure in reception.  Either advertising the hotel, or for events at the hotel such as weddings or conference facilities.


Telemarketing for hotels has been going on a long time and can be a great way of building the hotels independent brand.  Telemarketing can be used to confirm bookings, loyalty programs or even for special offers.

How Much Does Marketing Cost?

The costs really depend on the type of marketing that is required.  All marketing services have different costs associated with them. 

Also, all agencies have different rates depending on their overheads, staff numbers and profit margins.  Marketing for hotels does not have to be expensive, but it does need to be compared.

Choosing An Agency

When considering using a marketing agency, it is very wise to use one that has experience in the hospitality industry.  If they have a good track record  and have good testimonials, then they are a safe bet in being relevant and likely to be fruitful.  It is highly advised to meet with the agency.  

To visit their offices and have that face to face contact to verify the claims they make on their website.

COVID has caused a lot of problems for hotels (and the hospitality sector) so maybe a ZOOM meeting is a better option.

Get A Few Quotes

We do encourage you getting a few quotes from different agencies, in order to view different proposals and prices.  

All marketing agencies set their own fees, so marketing prices will vary considerably.  

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