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Web Development For Gym'sDid Your Gym / Fitness Company Needs Web Development Support?

Web development for fitness companies is very important, as fitness websites are becoming more and more complex.  

Many gyms now have online booking facilities.  Many fitness suppliers have e-commerce features to sell products.  Products such as gym equipment, hand weights, PT packages, sports supplements etc.

Web development for fitness companies really does need any agency that has a background in marketing for fitness companies.

If you are looking at choosing a web development agency for your gym, we do advise you talking to web developers that have experience in doing web development for gyms. 

Simply fill in the form opposite and we will get you quotes from website development companies that know about marketing for gym’s and fitness companies.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is often confused with website design, thinking they are the same or very similar.

If you imagine a car, website design is looking at it from the outside, web development is what goes on under the bonnet.

The website that you can see in terms of the page layout, the images, the gym logo, the text are all part and parcel of the design.

When you input information onto a web form or make a looking for a class, this is the development side of things.  To make sure that the website works and does what it is supposed to do.  Forms sending correctly, class bookings being made and PT sessions being booked online.

Do Gym’s Need A Web Developer?

Websites are fundamental for gym’s and fitness companies.  For marketing reasons, for booking gym classes, scheduling PT sessions and for finding out information about events or courses. 

Most of us use the gym website to sign up or renew membership, book fitness classes or PT sessions.

As there are many uses for fitness websites, they do need development and improvement.  Web development for gyms is in many ways essential.  

Fitness websites are always changing, classes are updated or cancelled, instructors come and go so the instructors names need to be updated.

Wether you are a leading brand like Serco, or a freelance personal trainer, web development is important.

How Much Does Web Development Cost?

Some companies ask what we development is and how it differs to design?

The cost of web development does vary.  Depending on the size of the fitness website, how much time is needed (per week or month) for development support, and of course the fees of the developer. 

Most web development companies charge a monthly fee, but depending on what your fitness website needs, maybe a hourly fee would be needed if there is little work that needs done.

All web developers are private companies that have their own profit margins. Therefore shopping around and comparing quotes is important to find the right developer at the right price.

Selecting An Agency

When considering creative design agencies, it is wise to select one that has done development work on fitness websites in the past.  They will have the experience and knowledge not just of web development, but of the fitness industry.

We can get you quotes from a few local web development companies that have experience in the fitness industry.

Questions To Ask Web Developers

When talking to web developers, or meeting with them, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What fitness companies or gyms have you done web development for in the past?
  • What amount of work is needed on our website, can you see any coding problems?
  • Do you feel the design of our fitness website is OK or does it need updated?
  • How many developers does your agency have?
  • How long do you think the development work will take?
  • What web platforms do you work with?

All fitness websites and gym websites are different, all being built on different website platforms such as WordPress and Fasthosts.

Not all website developers can work with all web platforms, most only work with one or two.

Compare Multiple Quotes

As a creative marketing comparison website, we do encourage you to compare quotes.  As mentioned, all web developers are private companies that set their own fees.  Therefore website development prices will range considerably.  

With web development, you do not get what you pay for.  The most expensive web developer does not make them the best.

Freelance web developers are cheaper than agencies, as they do not have staff costs or office rental costs.  Equally web development companies in London are more expensive than developers in other towns and cities due to staff and office costs.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ web developer for your fitness company, not necessarily the cheapest.

Web development for fitness companies does not have to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.

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