Outsourcing Website Design To An Offshore Design Agency

Outsourcing website design offshore

Considering Outsourcing Website Design Offshore

Over the last fifty years or so, the UK has been producing less and less within its borders.  These days outsourcing website design offshore is becoming more popular for cost reasons.

Our automotive industry left decades ago, most food is imported, clothes, electronics, toys; the list seems endless.

Many large and global firms are using overseas sources for their website design work and web development.  Google outsources a lot of it’s coding and it’s telemarketing is done in India.

Why Outsource Website Design Offshore?

The question can be reversed in terms of ‘why not’?  If the quality is there, the price is right, and the site can get designed quicker; then it does make sense doesn’t it?  Why should it be possible for us to import cars and clothes, but not website design work?  Outsourcing website design offshore is done for the same reason as anything else, price.

Many companies are looking at cutting costs, as VAT has gone up and the cost of living overall goes up.  Plus the government is pushing ‘The Big Society‘ with massive spending cuts, sourcing marketing services overseas is becoming more and more of a reality.

Many overseas designers have more up to date facilities than their UK counterparts, and as labour rates are lower, more work can be done for the same amount invested.

Why Use A UK Agency?

Outsourcing website design offshore is a good idea.  There are still big advantages in using a UK designer; the main one being that they are local.  If there is a problem or you need to meet, you can jump in the car and visit them.  There is a big benefit in visiting your designer, as you can talk face to face, and they are then in a position to have a better understanding of what it is that you are looking for.

It is good if you are a small – medium sized company to use a website designer that is local, so that you can meet with them to discuss ideas, designs and concepts.

Why Use An Overseas Agency?

There are big benefits in outsourcing website design offshore.  The truth is that not a lot of companies hold meetings with their designers.  Although advised to do so, if only to establish a key working relationship, most companies prefer to work using e-mail as it is easier for both parties.  Probably as it is felt to be time efficient; but the end result with potential failings could cost more in both time and money.

Therefore there is no real difference e-mailing a company that is in London, as there is a company that is in France.  Both can respond in the same amount of time, and thanks to Google translation is not a problem!

Website design prices will probably be a lot cheaper if you are outsourcing website design offshore.  In many countries the standard of living is much cheaper, wages are cheaper, and often the training of staff is lower than it is in the UK.  Then again, many people come here to study, then take their skills back to their own countries.

What Is The Solution?

Outsourcing website design offshore does bring many benefits.  It really comes down to what sits best with yourself.  Most UK businesses want to keep work within the UK wherever they can. However most companies in the UK do already use overseas services, whether it be importing of goods, telephony or product manufacture, such as engineered components.

Despite our knowledge that outsourcing work does hurt to our economy, the need to save costs yet maintain quality, is just too high, and the outsourcing market is growing.

There are some fantastic designers overseas that can work for a fraction of the cost of UK website designers; but by using them our economy is poorer.  Outsourcing website design overseas is always going to be a contentious topic.

A difficult decision, but as already stated, what is the difference between outsourcing marketing and outsourcing our manufacture, alcohol, food, electronics, toys, cigarettes and energy?

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