What Sort Of Websites Are There

What Sort Of Websites Are ThereWhat Kind Of Websites Are There Available To Me?

The issue facing many companies is choosing what sort of websites are there to go with.  

There are many different types available.

 It is wise to compare different web design companies in order to find the best kind of website for your business.

With the many different sorts of website available, finding the right one is hard.  Depending on what it is that you are looking for and what sort of budget you have available.

All businesses need to have one in place.  Whether this is for the functioning of the day to day business, or just having a presence on-line with contact information. 

They can be very affordable or very expensive depending on how big they are and what sort of features they have (videos, downloadable files etc.).

Template Type

Template sites are the most economic sort of website that can be designed by website design agencies. 

There is software available on the internet that allow you to be able to create your own template site or you can use an agency to put together one for you. 

Template sites tend to be very small (1-5 pages) and are great for companies that just want to have a presence on the web.  WordPress is a good platform that many small businesses use.

Brochure Style

Brochure websites are the next level up from template websites. 

They do need to be designed by a designer and tend to be for quite small companies that want to have that more professional look.  Again, quite small sites ranging from around 5-10 pages.


CMS (customer built) are the next level up from brochure websites, and are again designed by a designer.  CMS stands for custom managed system and are produced for medium to larger companies that have anything from 10 web pages upwards. 

The main feature is that the client themselves can add additional pages.  Things like blogs, new pages, photos etc. rather than going back to the designer for help.


These are the top level site and are produced for companies that need to take payments over the internet.    The most famous e-commerce website would undoubtedly be Amazon.

Whether it is standard payments or for an on-line shop, e-commerce sites would be designed with security in mind for fast reliable on-line card payments.

There are lots of web designers in the UK, however most tend to only specialise in a couple of sorts of sites.  

They tend to be split into two groups, ones that work with the smaller end (template and brochure sites) and the larger ones (CMS and e-commerce websites) so finding the right one would the first step.

Web design prices vary significantly depending on the agency you select.

The next step would be getting a few agencies to compare (as opposed to just going with one quote) it is wise to get 3-4 quotes to find the right website design solution.

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