Adwords vs Adsense

Adwords vs AdsenseWhat Is The Difference Between Adwords And Adsense?

Adwords Vs Adsense are both internet marketing tools that are based around Google PPC (pay per click marketing).

What Is The Difference?

Both are forms of internet marketing, but the difference is where user’s adverts are displayed.

When setting up a PPC campaign you can choose to have your adverts displayed on partner sites, or just search engine results.


If you opt for using this, then your adverts will appear just on the main search engine and only on the search engine.

So for example, if you use Google’s advertising program, then your adverts (if you opt for just Adwords and turn off Adsense) will only appear on the main search engine pages.


Businesses can partner with search engines, and have adverts appear on their websites.

For this, they are paid a percentage of the click from the search engine.

So websites such as holiday websites, reference websites, shopping websites may have adverts appear ‘adverts from Google’ that encourage you to click.

This is a great way for partner websites to generate income, as they do not really have to do much.

If they have a lot of natural traffic from search engines, then they can generate a nice monthly income from visitors clicking on adverts.

Which To Choose?

Adwords vs Adsense, which one do you choose?  

Adverts that are set up for adsense, will appear a lot more per day; as they are appearing on hundreds, thousands or millions of websites around the world.

This being said, the costs for clicks will be much greater than the costs from just using adwords.

If a business is looking to advertise in a controlled way, then adwords would be best.

If a business is looking for a more ‘shot gun approach’ for example they are looking to get their name into the market (brand awareness) then Adsense is a good option.

Things To Consider

Both Adwords and Adsense are good lead generation tools, but can be very expensive.

You cannot control who clicks on your links, they could be a competitor, someone from Australia, China or anywhere in the world.

Regardless of who clicks on them – you still have to pay for clicks.

The are easy to click by accident (especially on referral websites for adsense) so consider the waste of clicks that occur by accident.

Talk to a PPC company about getting a campaign set up; ensure that the campaign is fine tuned as much as possible before switching it on.

Google does dominate the search engine market presently, but there are other search engines to consider.

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