Marketing For Marine Companies

Marketing For Marine CompaniesDid Your Marine Business Need Marketing Support?

Marketing for marine companies is essential in order to stand out in the UK marine industry.  

Whether you are Princess Yachts, or a speedboat rental firm, marketing is essential.  

Marketing is all about communication, communicating to your customers what makes you the best choice.  

A few questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What makes my marine brand stand out?
  • Why should you choose me over someone cheaper?
  • What is unique about my marine brand?
  • How long have I been established, what is my track record?

These are all to be considered when considering using marketing, as they will meed to be included in the campaign.  

Part of your marketing strategy is to convey your KSP (key selling points).  What makes you better than your competitors?

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Why Marketing Is Needed

Marketing for marine companies is an essential practice, in any shape or form.  All boating companies need websites, brochures for showcasing their craft.  

Marketing is needed to ensure that you are getting new enquiries coming in.  The main issue is orders, are you getting enough enquires that are converting to orders?  

If not, then there is another issue to consider.  Why are your marketing leads not converting to sales orders.

Firstly, we need to start at the central point of your marketing, your website.

You Need A Dynamic Website

Your website is your shop window.  Website design for marine companies is essential.  

Since everyone uses the internet these days, being seen and being found online is essential.  Websites play an important part of any marketing campaign.

Coupled into that is the website visitors.  Is your website getting enough visitors.  There is little point in having a website that does not receive any website visitors.

Public Relations And The Media

PR for marine companies is an essential marketing tool.  Used mainly for promotion it is a low cost form of marketing for marine companies.  

Being found in industry publications such as Sailing Today.  There are many PR agencies that focus on PR for marine companies.

Using a PR company that knows the marine sector is important.  They will have the connections you need and should be able to get you in the right media quickly.

Leaflets And Flyers

Brochures design for marine companies is very important for sales brochures, instructions, and general marketing material.


Advertising for marine companies is a crucial part of the marketing for marine companies.  

Getting your message out to the marine sector is key.  This could be through traditional forms of advertising like TV or banner advertising in towns by the coast.

Advertising is not the same as marketing.  It is a discipline of marketing and one that if used correctly can be very powerful.  This is where experience comes in.  

Talking to the right agency can ensure that you are advertising in the best medium for your marine business to get results.


There are many marine events and exhibitions around the UK that are good to be visible at.

SEO For Your Marine Website

Optimising your website is an important part of marketing for marine companies, or any business these days.  

Search engine optimisation for marine companies is all about being found on search engines like Google.

PPC Advertising

Many marine companies struggle to get onto page 1 of search engines for their keywords.  

PPC advertising for marine companies can short cut this issue by getting 24hr exposure for any marine search phrase.  PPC is an important part of marketing for marine companies, since everyone uses the internet now.


Branding plays an important part for marine companies.  Branding for marine companies sets you apart from your competitors.  In many ways it is the heart of your marketing.

Full Service Marketing

Full service marketing is when an agency handles all of your marketing under their own roof.  Full service for marine companies takes a lot of the pressure of employing staff direct away.


Although we are in the digital age, telemarketing for marine companies is popular.

How Much Would It Cost?

The costs really depend on a few different factors:

  • What kind of marketing is required (website design, PR, telemarketing)
  • How much marketing is needed (one off marketing campaign, ongoing campaigns)
  • Which company is selected (all agencies have different fees)

Selecting the right agency needs to be done based on their experience and track record of getting results. 

All marketing agencies have different rates based on their overheads, staff numbers their profit margins.

For this reason, we do suggest shopping around for quotes.  Marketing for marine companies can be expensive if you choose the wrong agency.

Choosing The Right Agency

All marketing companies are different, all different sizes, with differnt skill sets and different rates.  Selecting one that knows the industry is essential if you want your marketing to be successful.

Get A Few Quotes

It is wise to get a few different quotes from different agencies, in order to get a feel for prices and proposals.  Marketing can be expensive as previously mentioned.  We want to help you get the best agency, for the lowest price.

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