Websites for Marine Companies

Websites for Marine CompaniesDoes Your Marine Business Need Website Design?

Websites play an important roll for marine companies, both for marketing and for providing information.  Websites for marine companies are an essential tool.  

With over 44,000 marine workers in the UK, there are lots of marine companies that require an online presence and dynamic websites.

The importance of having a website cannot be overstated.  A website is your shop window (or port window if we were to put it in nautical terms).

Just fill in the form to talk with expert design companies that know the marine and boating industry.

Marine Sector Breakdown

All companies in the marine industry all need websites, here is a breakdown of who are involved in the marine sector:

  • Shipbuilders
  • Sea Transport
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Maritime Construction
  • Private Yachts

Each of these companies requires a website and that website needs to rank on Google in order to be found by potential customers.

Do Boating Companies Need A Website?

Websites for boating companies are expected these days for any business, and boating businesses are no different. 

They can be useful for showcasing yachts, pleasure craft and tug boats (or whatever sort of boat is being sold) and also serve as a marketing tool for helping draw in new clients.  

Whether you are Princess Yachts or a navigation company, your site is an essential tool. If you have no site (or a poor one) then you are missing out on a massive amount of business.

These days, more people will look on-line before talking to you on the phone (or visiting), so it is essential for any business in the maritime industry.  

Your website reflects your brand, it is your shop window.  What do you want your brand to reflect about you?

Some Points To Consider

Here are a few points to consider when talking or meeting with website designers for your marine business:

  • Website Content

Who would produce the content for your marine website, would you require the web designer to do it, or can you work with them?  No-one knows your marine business like you do, so if you can work with them, your message should come across clearer.

  • Website Hosting

Some web designers have web servers and encourage customers to host their websites with them.  This ties you into the web designer, and gives them an additional monthly fee.  There are lots of web hosting companies around the UK you can get quotes from which may be better for your marine company.

  • Ongoing Technical Support

Websites like gardens need maintenance, such as software updates and monthly spring cleaning.

  • Marketing

Your marine website needs to be found by your customers.  Marketing is required for this as the search engines need to rank it and see that it is worthy of being on page 1, being the most relevant above your competitors.

In the short term, advertising on search engines for your ‘keywords’ is wise.  Keywords such as ‘boating companies in Portsmouth’ or ‘shipbuilders in Grimsby’.

Long term SEO is required, so that your maritime business appears in the organic results on the search engines, hopefully on page 1.  SEO is an ongoing process, as your competitors seek to pip you to the post.

Building new website content is also important, either by creating new pages, adding to existing pages or posting blog posts.

  • Social Media

We live in a world led by social media, websites like Tik Tok and Facebook are used by billions of people, yes even your customers and potential customers.  Search engines monitor your social media footprint, so this contributes to your organic rank (SEO), again which needs to be ongoing.

How Much Would A Website Cost?

Website design for marine companies do not need to cost the earth.  As long as the have good quality pictures of the vessels or products and are able to reflect value for money. 

Website design prices normally are escalated by the number of pages that need to be created; however your site does not need lots of pages, just a few core ones.

Another thing that affects the cost is the agency that is selected. 

All are private companies that have their own profit margins (for cars, houses, holidays) so choosing one needs to be done with this in mind.  Shopping around and comparing prices is wise so as to not be overcharged needlessly.

Modern Websites For Marine Companies

These days, smartphones are the benchmark for websites to be ranked on search engines, and as such, dynamic websites are the way forwards.

Dynamic websites for maritime companies will automatically adapt to new software and software updates as existing smartphone platforms are updated.  This is so that the website will appear correctly on all smartphone devices, that text is the right size and pictures appear as they should.

Compare Multiple Quotes

It is wise to get a few quotes from different web design agencies, and get a few web proposals in to compare.  

We live in a world of comparing prices as the internet has made comparing quotes so much easier.

All website design companies set their own fees, so if you have a spec for a certain website and get 3 website designers to quote, you will get 3 very different prices.

Websites for marine companies do not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to find out.

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