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PPC Advertising For Marine CompaniesCompare Quotes On Pay Per Click Marketing For Your Marine Business

PPC for marine companies is very important, due to the competition in the marine industry.  

As more and more people use the internet to find things, being visitable online is essential.  

Google changes its algorithm fairly regularly, so appearing on page 1 is always going to be a challenge.  Using PPC is a great way to ensure your website appears in front of your customers 24hrs a day.

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Why Would Marine Websites Need PPC?

The internet is continually changing, and getting your boating website visible on search engines is a daily struggle.  

PPC for marine companies can ensure that your website is visible 24 hours a day ensuring that clients can find your website all the time.  

Whether you are a global brand like Fairline Boats, or small boating supplier, PPC for marine companies can help you.

If you are a small company, or a new business, you will be competing against already established websites, which will take time.

When considering PPC companies, we do advise using one that has done marketing for marine companies in the past.

How Much Would PPC Advertising Cost?

Paid advertising can be very expensive, the costs are broken down into roughly two parts:

  • The cost that goes to the search engine
  • The fee that goes to the agency

No VAT is charged on this as search engines are based offshore (normally in tax havens).

The cost per click (CPC) depends on the competition of your ‘keywords’.  The more competition there is for your keywords will mean the cost is higher.

Having your keywords appearing on your landing page is important, if not across your whole website for SEO purposes.

All paid advertising agencies are private companies.  They could be run by a college student or top London firm.  Freelancers tend to be cheaper than larger PPC companies, however do they have the resources and experience your marine business needs? 

As such, all companies have their own profit margins, so shopping around and comparing PPC costs is very wise.

Considerations On PPC For Your Marine Business

Split testing a PPC campaign is important, using different landing pages to see which one generates the best results.

Using different keywords in your PPC campaigns is also important, to see which ones are most effective.

Using ‘negative keywords’ is also wise advice for your marine business, to ensure that your adverts are not appearing for search terms that you are not interested in.

Most PPC companies claim to be ‘award winning’ and have lots of glowing testimonials on their websites.  We advise taking these with a touch of salt, since even brand new companies seem to have glowing testimonials.

Get Multiple PPC Quotes

It is wise to get a few different quotes from agencies, in order to compare proposals and prices.  

Comparing quotes is necessary in this new digital world, whether it is for goods in a supermarket, car insurance or marketing services.

All PPC agencies set their own fees, so prices will vary considerably.  Some agencies charge a couple of hundred pounds a month, some thousands.  Freelancers tend to be cheaper, but do they have the resources and experience you need?

London based PPC companies charge more, mainly because their operating costs are higher rather than them being able to offer a better marketing service.

PPC advertising does not need to be expensive, just fill in the form to see.  

We want to help you find the best paid advertising agency for your business, at the lowest price.  

Just fill in the form to get free advice and quotes on PPC for your marine business.

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