Marketing In 2019

Marketing In 2019Which forms of marketing in 2019 were effective?

As the year comes to an end, which forms of marketing in 2019 brought you the best ROI?  From paid advertising to telemarketing, trends are changing and different forms of marketing work well for different companies.  But what kind of marketing in 2019 worked for you?

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing has always been an effective form of marketing to many businesses.  Telemarketing is a very quick form of lead generation and has worked well for many businesses.  However telemarketing can be expensive and does not always produce a good ROI.  Has it worked for you?

Direct mail has been used by millions of companies for decades but how effective is it for you?  Very much a scatter gun form of marketing, much of which ends up in the bin.  However as each one is very low cost, the ROI can be high from just one or two responses.

E-mail marketing is a relatively new form of marketing, and is very low cost.  However how effective has this form of marketing in 2019 been for you?  Receiving that e-mail wishing you ‘Merry Christmas’ is highly unipersonal and can lead to users unsubscribing from your mailing list.  But a well formulated e-mail can be very effective.  How has your campaign done this year?

Traditional Marketing

Have you used TV advertising in 2019?  How has it gone?  An expensive form of marketing, but one that can be well targeted and one that can generate responses very quickly.  Have you used TV advertising?  Would your business benefit from this form of marketing?

Billboard advertising has also proved a great form of marketing for many top brands.  Coca Cola has been using this traditional form of marketing for decades and it has proved essential for their brand awareness.

Does your brand make use of some of the forms of traditional marketing?

But many forms of traditional marketing are only good for brand awareness.  Different to direct marketing, traditional marketing is effective to keep your brand in the public eye, but ROI is difficult to measure.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompases both direct marketing and brand awareness.  From quickly generating results to a more scatter gun form of marketing.

Google has really been at the forefront of digital marketing with it’s paid advertising platform Adwords.  How effective has your PPC advertising in 2019 been?  The danger is click fraud, where your adverts are clicked on by non customers with a view of using up your budget.  PPC advertising can quickly generate new leads or orders, has it delivered you and ROI?

The latest form of digital marketing is social media marketing.  Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have proved a very cost effective form of marketing, and now such big businesses.  Some companies have used social media for brand awareness, some for direct marketing.  How has your social media marketing in 2019 been?  Has it delivered you ROI?

What Form Of Marketing In 2019 Worked?

Marketing services can be considered as arrows for your bow.  Some of the arrows work well for your type of business, some do not.  What forms of marketing have you tried?  Have you found the arrow that works?  Are you investing in the wrong form of marketing?

Many companies will invest in an area of marketing that does not deliver a good ROI.  This is dangerous because of two main reasons:

  • Drains your resources
  • Slows your business growth

Have you had a marketing review, to put together a marketing strategy for your business?  Very often having an independent pair of eyes.  It is essential that you are not investing in the wrong form of marketing, but using the most effective arrow for your marketing bow.

Finding The Right Marketing Partner

There are hundreds of marketing companies around the UK.  Some are honest and open, some just want to take your money, not caring about your ROI.  Finding the right marketing partner is important, they need to be an extension of your own business.  Have you used a marketing agency in the past?  Do you do your marketing internally?  Have you considered outsourcing it?

At Marketing Quotes we aim to help companies to find the ‘right partner’ for your business.  Marketing in 2019 is different to how it was 20 years ago, but the challenges are the same.  This is based on the following criteria:

  • Industry Experience

It is essential that your marketing agency knows your industry.  Whether you are in the food and beverage sector, defence, medical, agricultural or any other sector.  Finding a marketing agency that knows your industry is important in communicating your message.

  • Location

Are you using a marketing agency that is close by?  Are you using one that is 400 miles away?  Marketing is all to do with communication, and clear communication comes with understanding.  Even though we live in the digital age, having that face to face contact is important.

  • Cost

All marketing agencies are privately run profit making machines.  Your marketing bill could vary in thousands of pounds depending on who you use.  There are no industry standards, all agencies set their own rates.

Compare Quotes

Your marketing in 2019 may have worked, it may not, but can it improve in 2020?

Just fill in the form to get quotes from a handful of local marketing experts that understand your industry sector.  Let us help you find the right marketing agency for next year.

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