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There are over 450 PPC companies in London, plus many web designers that offer paid advertising alongside web design.

There are established PPC advertising agencies, freelancers and everything in-between.

With the university of London, and numerous others locally, PPC talent is freely available in the city.

The difficulty you face is finding the ‘right’ agency to work with.  Do they know your industry?  Have they just started trading?  How well do they know Google Adwords?

We are not wanting to find you the cheapest PPC advertising agency, but neither will the most expensive agency give you the best results.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes aim to help, by getting you quotes from a few local PPC companies in London that know your industry sector.

Does Industry Experience Matter?

If the agency knows your market, your products/services or competitors, they should be able to get your campaign set up and running quicker.

You will have specific keywords you want to target and have your adverts appear for.  If the agency knows your sector, they will have a better idea of what these keywords would be.

Why A PPC Company In London?

These days, we live in a digital world, buying things from Amazon we have not seen or touched and getting goods delivered from ‘somewhere’.

As a business in London, if you had the choice between working with someone that is 3-4 miles away, or an agency in Aberdeen, which would you prefer to work with?

Some Points To Consider

Here are a few points to consider discussing with a few PPC companies in London, to get the best out of your campaign:

  • Landing Pages – What pages will you be using for each keyword?  Will you send everyone to your homepage, or a specific inner page?  What about creating a stand alone page?
  • Keywords – Using exact match keywords is good, but everyone searches with different search terms.  Using broad match for some of your keywords is also something to test with.
  • Budget – Advertising on search engines is not cheap, so being careful with daily budget is important.  Starting off small and slowly growing the campaigns is important.

There are many things to consider when talking to PPC agencies in London about your campaign, but these are three that immediately spring to mind.

Choosing An Established Agency

Rather than working with a new startup PPC agency in London, we do advise working with someone that has a track record.

How long have they been trading, how well do they know their way around Google Adwords?

Due diligence is wise, new pay per click companies pop up all the time.

Have A Meeting To Really Know Them

The benefit of choosing a PPC company in London is the opportunity of meeting with them.

This is good to confirm any claims they have on their website.

Most agencies have great looking responsive websites that look modern.  They show professional staff in modern offices.  However are these real?  How do you know the agency is not using a virtual office and is really based in New York?

Many agencies claim to be award winning, or a Google Partner agency.  A meeting allows you to ask about the awards.  How experienced are they, how many support staff do they have?

Why choose a Google partner, does it make them better to work with?

You would not want to invest 6 months with someone, only to find they are not achieving and you having to start all over again.

Is PPC All You Need?

Rarely does one area of marketing work effectively by itself, normally marketing works hand in hand with other forms of marketing.

Have you considered social media marketing?  Platforms like TikTok and Facebook are free to use (of course there are paid options) and very simple to update.

Tailoring your landing pages is also very wise, making daly website improvements can assist your PPC campaign (and also the organic visibility via SEO).

By talking to PPC companies around London, they will most likely agree.  Most products/services are visible on the many social media platforms.

Compare Quotes From Local PPC Experts

All marketing agencies in London set their own rates, pay per click is the same.  This is based on their running costs, staff costs and profit margins.

There is the stigma, that if someone is located in London, they are going to be more expensive, as rent and running costs are higher.  This is partly true, but some PPC companies in London are very affordable.

PPC prices include the cost your pay to the search engine (your PPC budget) and also the monthly management fee you pay to the agency.

For this reason, costs will vary considerably.

Let us help you find the ‘right’ PPC company in London for your business.

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