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There are over 20 PPC agencies in Newcastle, not to mention various website designers that offer PPC in addition to their design services.

The difficulty that many businesses face is choosing what kind of agency to work with.  Do you work with a freelancer that is offering a very cost effective price?  Do you use an established agency that has a Google Partner badge on their website?  What about a web designer in Newcastle that offers PPC along with other services?  Do you go with the top agency on Google or Bing?

Is there a benefit to using a Google Partner agency?

These are all questions going through your mind.

This is where we at Marketing Quotes can help, to get you quotes from a few local PPC companies in Newcastle that know your industry sector.

Why Experience Matters

Both industry experience and PPC experience are important when choosing an agency.

There are many PPC agencies in Newcastle, some are startups, new companies that have recently been set up.  There are established agencies that have been running for 10+ years.  Which would you prefer to work with?

The startup may be the cheaper choice, however are they capable of getting you results?

Most agencies have a varied industry experience, some will have worked in your sector.  Which would you prefer to work with?

If you are an engineering company, it would make sense to use an agency that has done PPC for engineering companies in the past wouldn’t it?

We can help you get quotes from a few PPC companies local to Newcastle that have worked in your sector previously.  They will know more about how your sector works, what kind of keywords will be better performing.  They should be able to get you better results quicker.

Why Location Matters

If you have not met an agency, would you really feel comfortable paying them hundreds or thousands of pounds?  How do you know that the information on their website is 100% true?

There are hundreds of PPC agencies in the UK to choose from, thousands.  Why not use one in Cornwall, Brighton or even someone overseas?

There is a trust that comes with working with someone local, not just for marketing, but for any business.

Why A Meeting Matters

Meeting a PPC companies in Newcastle gives you a chance to see their offices, chat to the team face to face, since not all communication is verbal, there should be a greater understanding both ways.

Many agencies claim to be ‘multi award winning’ which gives you the impression they are the agency to go with over someone with no awards.  A meeting gives you a chance to thrash out what the awards were and how if could benefit you.

Review meetings are also a good idea.  This gives you the chance to look over your Adwords account with them and assess what your RIO is.  Factoring in your PPC cost, and the agency management fee, are you seeing a return on your spend?

Compare Quotes From Multiple PPC Agencies In Newcastle

The truth is that all PPC companies in Newcastle are independent, they all set their own fees.  For this reason, monthly charges will vary considerably by many thousands of pounds.

This is based on their running costs, staff costs and profit margins.

With marketing, you do not necessarily get what you pay for.  The most expensive agency is not necessarily the best.  However choosing an agency based on cost alone is very unwise.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for you, based on location. experience and the chemistry you have with them.

Just fill in the form and we will help you get a few quotes from local PPC agencies in Newcastle that understand your industry sector.

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