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As the engineering sector in the UK changes, many are opting for PPC advertising for engineering companies.  

Being visible online is essential in the modern engineering world.  

Just fill out the form opposite to get free advice and quotes from local PPC agencies that have experience in the manufacturing and engineering sector.

Why Paid Search

Paid search is becoming more popular with businesses in all industries.  

As the internet becomes an ever more popular place for companies to showcase their services and products. Many engineering companies are using paid media now.  

As UK companies seek to grab what little engineering work is left in the UK market (as most of it has now moved offshore).  

Top engineering firms like Airbus and Rolls Royce down to the sheet metal fabricator at the end of the road can benefit from PPC for engineering companies.

Getting Onto Page 1

Paid advertising allows you to get onto page 1 for your search terms.

Whether you are a laser cutter, deep hole drilling company, sand caster or fabricator.  

PPC for engineering companies can be set up within a few minutes. You can get onto page 1 for your chosen keywords by using the adverts and this can make a massive difference to your website being successful or being just another website.  

This is much quicker than using SEO, which takes time to set up.

Choosing An Agency

PPC for engineering companies needs an experienced agency that knows the engineering sector.  

From the many hundreds of agencies around the UK, choosing one that has experience in the engineering sector is very wise (if not logical).

If they have done marketing for engineering companies in the past, they are a good choice.  They will have a better understanding of your industry, your competitors and how to market you to produce the best possible profit.  

There are companies with sector experience, ones that actually work with manufacturing firms (laser cutters, CNC machining companies) and are successfully bringing results.

Chatting to the company about their portfolio can give you an idea of the sort of industries they have worked in, and if they have a track record in the sector

Compare Prices

It is good to shop around for PPC prices on the campaign; all agencies charge different amounts and paying more does not guarantee a better job.  

PPC for engineering companies does not need to be expensive.

Some agencies charge per month and some charge a percentage of your monthly spend, so it is a case of shopping around and asking about guarantees they can offer.

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