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There are around 15 PPC companies in Worcester many of which are small or freelancers working from home.

Worcester university is also producing new ‘marketeers’ that can

Some of the agencies are well established, some have recently started trading.

Would you prefer to work with a new agency or an established one?

Would you prefer the agency to understand your industry sector, products/services, or would you like an agency with no experience?

Would you prefer to work with an agency in Worcester, or an agency that is in Cornwall, London or ever France?

We at Marketing Quotes feel that industry knowledge, location and experience is important in the selection process.

Just fill in the form to get free quotes from up to 5 local PPC agencies in Worcester that know your industry sector.

Questions To Ask The PPC Agency

Before meeting a PPC Agency in Worcester, here are a few questions to consider asking them.

  • Experience

How long has the agency been trading?  You want to work with an experienced agency rather than one that has just started trading.

  • Landing Pages

Do you need new landing pages created?  Quality score is important when it comes to PPC advertising.  This is how relevant the search engine feels the page is in relation to your targeted keywords.

  • Split Testing

Split testing is where you run a couple of campaigns next to each other, with slight difference to see which one is more successful.  This does push the cost up, but should yield better results long term.

  • Consider Timings

When are your customers going to be searching for you?  Running your adverts during weekends or evenings can only be advised for certain products and services.  If you are targeting people during a 9-5 working day, setting your adverts during these times is wise.

There are lots of things to consider when talking with PPC companies in Worcester.  Getting advice is a good thing, but having questions in mind is better.

Meetings Are Advised

Meetings play an important roll in communicating what you need.  You do not just want to be another client on the agencies list, you want them to know exactly what you do and what you expect.

Many PPC agencies in Worcester have very modern responsive websites, showing posh offices, focused staff, multi award winning.  However how do you know all this is correct?  How do you know they are not an agency in Spain with a virtual office?

Many agencies have the Google Partner badge, does this mean they are better than an agency that is not certified?

Review meetings are also good, to ensure that the agency are performing and giving your ROI.

If you are using a web designer in Worcester currently, they may have PPC experience and be able to help you?

Is Re-Marketing Suitable For You?

Re-marketing is all about your adverts following previous visitors to your website.

Sometimes people will click on your advert, but not enquire, for a number of reasons.  If your adverts follow their digital footprints, they may well enquire later on.

Re-marketing adverts also appear on all social media websites (such as Facebook) and news websites (like the Daily Mail).

Choose An Established Agency

We do advise working with an established PPC agency in Worcester where possible.

They should hopefully have a track record of success.

They should have worked with companies similar to yours, know how to get your keywords set up and how to work around Google Adwords.

There are many freelancers and brand new agencies cropping up all the time.  It is wise to avoid newbies and go with something that has successful PPC experience.

Compare Quotes From PPC Agencies In Worcester

All marketing companies in Worcester set their own fees.  For this reason, PPC prices will vary considerably.

Your PPC budget goes to the search engine (not including VAT) but the monthly management fees themselves will vary from agency to agency.

We want to help you find the ‘right’ agency for your business, not necessarily the cheapest.  The cheapest agency is not necessarily the best, but neither is the most expensive.  You do not get what you pay for when it comes to marketing.

Just fill in the form and we will get you up to 5 quotes from local PPC companies around Worcester.

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