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There are over 50 website designers in Worcester, ranging from larger studios that work with national and international companies, down to smaller designers and freelancers working from home.  Worcester also has around 20 marketing companies that offer web based work along with other backup services, such as branding, digital marketing and SEO, typically to larger companies that need a shotgun marketing approach.Just fill in the form to receive free quotes and advice from website designers in Worcester that know your industry.
website designers in Worcester

Choosing Someone Local

There are hundreds of website designers in the Midlands; so there is plenty of choice, too much actually.Selecting the right website design agency in Worcester is the problem.  As each business will look for different criteria (a small company, a designer that has PHP experience).Most businesses do prefer working with a local company, it is only logical.  It gives the opportunity to meet up and talk the site design through face to face.  Although much can be done over the phone or by means of e-mail, a proper meeting will only add benefits and allows debate of strategy.  With the possiblity of virtual offices, meetings do play a strong role in ensuring that they are all they claim to be on their site.  It also gives a chance to meet the team and build a relationship with them.Size of website designers in Worcester plays a factor in deciding who is right or not.  If your business is international or global, then a freelancer is not quite right.  A larger agency that is used to producing large e-commerce websites would be better suited.As there are so many website designers in Worcester, choosing one that has already worked in your industry sector before is a wise move.

Compare Prices

The costs do vary and there are a number of factors why:
  • What sort of site is required?
  • How many pages need to be designed?
  • What platform is used (Joomla, WordPress etc.)?
  • What level of skill is needed?
  • Is any SEO work needed?
  • Which agency you choose for the work?
There are many factors that affect website design prices and the main one is the fees of the agency.  All are unique and all set their own rates based on their overheads, profit margins, staff numbers, how much they pay their staff and office costs; large firms with expensive offices will have higher rates.For most things these days there is the need to shop around and compare quotes.

A Few Words about Worcester

Worcester is found in the county of Worcestershire, south-west of Birmingham, with a population of around one hundred thousand people (according to council statistics). Situated on the River Severn, which runs through the city, it is overlooked by the Cathedral.It is known for a few things:
  • Porcelain – the oldest English pottery brand
  • Lea and Perrins Sauce (part of Heinz plc)
  • Joy Mining Machinery
There has been human habitation around the town since Neolithic times and the Romans established the town as a defensive stronghold on the road between Gloucester and Wroxeter. The town developed with evidence of iron smelting. It remained a busy and bustling manufacturing centre until around 407 AD when the Romans left Britain, and the town dwindled; it was not really mentioned again until Anglo-Saxon writings in the mid seventh century. It was almost completely destroyed in 1141 due to taxation by Harthacnut, the son of the well known King Cnut the Danish king.During the Industrial Revolution, around the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the city was known for glove making.In 1832 the BMA (British Medical Association) was founded in the board room of the Old Worcester Royal Infirmary Building.If the Germans ever had invaded England during World War II, it was going to have been the seat of government, and parliament would have been based in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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