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Looking for a creative and design agency? It’s a tough process! You’d want an agency that thinks outside the box as well as one that’s going to deliver positive results for your business.

Here at Marketing Quotes, we have a vast amount of creative and design agencies which can help you regardless of the size of your business or the sector you operate in. Simply fill out our easy form so that we can provide you with five free quotes from agencies that can help you with your design needs.

If you’re not sure on how creative and design agencies can help or what this entails, take a look at our helpful information below.

What do creative and design agencies do?

A creative and design agency will learn all about your brand and ensure that everything they produce fits within your marketing strategy and stays true to your brand values.

Most design companies are skilled in many areas and can handle all your design requirements such as:

If you’re looking for help in one of the above areas, simply select this option on our quote form and we’ll return five free quotes from agencies that expert in this particular space.


Why are creative and design agencies important to a brand?

The business world is fast moving and competitive making it important your brand’s creative elements to give you an edge. A professional corporate image can do a lot to distinguish yourself from your competitors so it’s important to get right the first time for the best first impression. Once it’s reached the eyes of your audience, it won’t be reversible.

Agencies are highly experienced in grasping your current marketing formula and they invest time to drive more people towards your brand through each visual element they create. Many of these agencies will work with external partners such as consultants or ad agencies so that each visual connected to your brand is getting the value it deserves. They not only create, but also help with execution.


Can I handle my creative and design needs in-house or hire a freelancer?

Hiring a freelancer

Sometimes visuals stand-out for the wrong reasons and this can be damaging. Without a team on their side to liaise with, freelancers may produce work that is under expectations and not really in line with your brand. Unfortunately, relying on one individual also increases risk of not getting what you need on time or even, not getting what you want at all.

Keeping it in-house

You may be well-adverse to recruit and manage a full-time creative team but this is costly and many of your employees will lack a fresh perspective on your brand after being submerged in it for far more hours than an agency. Also, it’s far easier to choose another creative and design agency than it is to fire employees who aren’t driving you results.


5 things to ask a creative and design agency

  1. How do you ensure that you learn all about a new business including its target audience and needs?
  2. Have you seen any current visual elements associated with our brand? What is your opinion of them?
  3. How often do you out-source for the work you do and will this affect costs?
  4. Who will be working on my account and what are their skill sets and background?
  5. Will I know the status of my project throughout the development process and how flexible are you if the vision or direction changes?


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