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Compare Quotes On B2C Direct MailAre You Thinking Of Using B2C Direct Mail To Reach Consumers?

B2C direct mail is sent from businesses to UK homeowners.  

Consumers would be households and home owners. 

Consumer direct mail is alive and well.  

As we all know the amount of mail that is received by the average UK home owner.  

It is increasing as businesses pick up names from electoral rolls, garages, restaurants etc.

Unsolicited Direct Mail

The average household in the UK receives around 2-3 unsolicited pieces of direct mail a day. 

This could be from a plumber, a car garage, an estate agent, a new restaurant.  Not to mention hand delivered mail from pizza takeaways, tree surgeons, charities and countless other sources.

Solicited Direct Mail

All households get mailings from sources they know.  Banks, utilities, the government, dental practices, doctors, the council and so on. 

All homeowners rely on B2C direct mail for most aspects of their lives (even with the introduction of the internet).  

Older people even more so as they may not be able to access or use the internet.

B2C direct mail is used with great effect and the world would be a very different place if mailing companies stopped.

Direct Mail For Sales

Many companies do mailings in massive numbers to generate interest and enquiries from homeowners.  

Whether this be for changing car insurance companies, electricity companies, or buying pizza to great effect. 

Many small and local companies (such as hair dressers, freelance fitness instructors, driving instructors) use direct mail to let local residents know of their local service.

B2C Direct mail for sales is on the whole annoying to most consumers.

However it does work and as such is a great form of marketing either for local companies or national companies.

Tips And Ideas for B2C Direct Mail

Most companies will send a standard mailing to homeowners, in a standard envelope that does not stand out. 

An idea would be to be creative in a mailing.  Include a free gift, a free voucher or some free perfume.

Some companies have included food coupons or sachets of fabric softener – which are a great way of brand awareness and getting a positive response.

If you cannot afford to enclose a gift to each homeowner or voucher, then think about the mailing itself.

Creative packaging or layout could make the difference to someone opening and reading the mailing or it being put directly into the recycling.

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