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If your club needs a website of a website re-design we do advise you talking to web designers that have experience in designing golf club websites.  

Have they worked with other clubs in the past to help them with their marketing?  

Marketing for golf clubs is essential, and it really needs an experienced industry expert.

Just fill in the form above to get free advice and quotes from web experts that know about the sports sector.

Golf Clubs In The UK

The UK has hundreds of clubs and courses in its green and pleasant land and all need to have websites in order to showcase their courses and facilities.

From the famous UK courses such as St Andrews and The Belfry; all need to have sites in order to be seen and do business.

In days gone by, information about clubs and courses was passed on via word of mouth, or people in the know.  However with the growth of the internet, member based clubs need to act in the same way as any commercial business.

These day’s, every established golf club has a website, they are very common and each one is in place to attract new members.  Your site is important in drawing in new members, new interest and young people.

Features Of The Website That You Need

  • Pictures

The main feature is pictures, and lots of them.  Pictures of the course, of the club house, of the facilities and the pro shop.

The selling point is the pictures there are of the course and the club taken at different times of the day and year.

  • Kudos

How does the course rank, when was it established and what kind of membership does it carry?  Golf clubs are more than just sports societies.  They are social place whereby business is done and contacts are made, friendships forged and social positions are developed. 

The need therefore to be in the ‘right’ club is important in order to achieve the business and social goals.

If a club has been running for 200 years, then this is a major selling point that needs to be made clear on the front page.

  • Costs

How much does a round cost?  How much are the joining fees?  The waiting list?  The lessons?  These are questions that any visitor to a golf website will want to know and these do need to be made crystal clear.

People do not like hunting around for prices, they will leave and go somewhere else.

Choosing The Web Design Expert

Golf clubs are an important part of British society.  The game is well founded in our heritage and this needs to be communicated in the design.

From the many thousands of web design companies in the UK; it is best to select one that has experience in designing within the sector.  They will know how best to construct them and how to communicate the main selling points of the club. 

Golfers are an unusual breed of character; knowing the golfer is the key to knowing how they work and what they want.  Communicate to the golfer and you will draw them into the club.  This is important for the top end clubs that do want to attract the right type of member.

If you are interested in getting quotes for a new or a re-design site for your golf club, just fill in the form.

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