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There are over 30 website designers in Loughborough that can produce a new website (or website re-design) for you.  

Thanks for Loughborough university, there is always fresh talent that is coming into the local market.

However the issue is that with so many web designers in Loughborough to choose from, finding the best one will take time.

Just fill in the form to quickly get free advice and quotes from local web experts that know your industry sector.

What About Your Website Content

If you are looking at web designers in Loughborough, have you thought about who would produce your website content (the actual text on each page)?

Would you want the designer to produce this for you, or maybe using a website copywriter?

The danger with this is that the only one who knows your business (and competitors) is yourself.

Even if you gave the designer an outline of each page, this should ensure that the ‘book’ is written by you and not someone else.  This should help communicate your message clearer.

Consider Your Marketing

Once your website is created, the next job is getting visitors to it.

You want your website to stand out from all the others in your industry.

For this, internet advertising is a wise option, in order to get the right sort of potential customers to it.  Long term, you need to appear in the organic results of the search engines, this is call website optimisation.

Using advertising programs like Google Adwords is an option, but an expensive one.  Some web design companies in Loughborough take on digital marketing along with web design, but getting a few quotes may be wise.

Digital marketing (SEO, internet advertising) is quite complicated as the digital world has grown, so not necessarily something you can have a go at yourself.

Be Social

Using social media is popular for new companies, and can be very effective; best of all it is free.

Social media platforms such as Tik Tok, LinkedIn all have advertising programs, but you can use them all for free.

Many web design companies in Loughborough will want to handle your ‘socials’, but you can easily do this yourself.  Doing daily posts only takes a few minutes, but the more time and creativity you put into social media, the more effective it can be.

Some brands have really taken off thanks to social media platforms like Tik Tok, so maybe talking to a social media influencer can be helpful?

What About Website Hosting

Many web designers in Loughborough will want to host your website, as they can charge you a monthly fee, however this may not be best.

There are lots of web hosting companies in the UK to choose from (Fasthosts, Jolt etc. are just a couple of the best known).

Web hosting is actually quite important, speed of the website, security are just a couple of things that spring to mind.

Choosing The Right Web Design Agency

It is best working with someone local, as a meeting can be arranged without too much difficulty  

Meetings are a great chance to thrash out ideas and approaches allowing brainstorming sessions to find the best possible design.  Are they one of the many google partner companies?

Industry experience is also something else that needs to be considered when selecting a agency, as industry experience does help in the design process.  The agency should know designs that work, what your customers look for and also how visitors can turn into fee paying clients.

These days, Google says all websites need to be mobile friendly.  In fact the percentage of searches from mobile devices vs desktops is expected to only go up.

Compare Multiple Website Design Quotes

All web design agencies in Loughborough will charge differently depending on their own rates; generally larger agencies charge more, as they have higher overheads, higher staff costs and higher profit margins (and vice versa).  

In today’s society, price comparison is important in finding the best company for the best price and website design prices can be compared as with any other product or service.

We aim to help you get the best possible website for the lowest possible price.

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