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There are over 30 website designers in Loughborough that can produce a new website (or website re-design) for you.  

However the issue is that with so many website designers in Loughborough to choose from, finding the best one will take time.

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Local Creative Experts

There are around 30 creative design agencies in the town, most of which are SME’s and freelancers.  

Many agencies have evolved from the university, as such, they are smaller designers.  There are also a number of full service marketing companies in and around the town that offer web design along with other marketing services, such as digital marketing, branding and PR.  

You want your website to stand out from all the others in your industry.

Choosing Someone Local

It is best working with someone local, as a meeting can be arranged without too much difficulty  

Meetings are a great chance to thrash out ideas and approaches allowing brainstorming sessions to find the best possible design.  Are they one of the many google partner companies?

Industry experience is also something else that needs to be considered when selecting a agency, as industry experience does help in the design process.  The agency should know designs that work, what your customers look for and also how visitors can turn into fee paying clients.

These days, Google says all websites need to be mobile friendly.  In fact the percentage of searches from mobile devices vs desktops is expected to only go up.

Compare Prices

All agencies will charge differently depending on their own rates; generally larger agencies charge more, as they have higher overheads, higher staff costs and higher profit margins (and vice versa).  

In today’s society, price comparison is important in finding the best company for the best price and website design prices can be compared as with any other product or service.

We aim to help you get the best possible one for the lowest possible price.

Loughborough At A Glance

Loughborough is a town in the county of Leicestershire and is the second largest town in the county after Leicester.  

It is probably best known for its university and for its sports focus.  It was the destination of the world’s first ever ‘package tour’ from Leicester which was arranged by Mr Thomas Cook, founder of the travel agent, in 1841.  

The town was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 and has around 60,000 inhabitants according to the council.

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