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Quality Website Design for AuthorsQuality Website Design for Authors: That’s Exactly What We’ll Find You

Having good website design for authors is important. Compare quotes from local web design agencies that know the sector.

Make sure that publishers, fellow writers and avid readers know all about your talents by having a website designed for you by professionals with relevant industry experience.

At Marketing Quotes, we help our clients to locate web design experts with knowledge and experience of their particular business, ensuring excellent results every time.

In essence, we source quotations from suitably qualified design and marketing agencies, hence our name.

The process is quite simple: you complete the form on our site with your contact details and requirements and we pass this information on to carefully selected agencies who we believe will be capable of doing an outstanding job on your behalf.  

Once you have received the quotations, and there may be up to five for you to consider, what happens next is entirely up to you.  The other option is spending hours on google looking for the right agency, let us help.

Why Website Design for Authors Is Increasingly Important in the Modern World

Not so many years ago, authors could rely on their agents and publishers to promote their works and ensure that the reading public was aware of what they had to offer.

However, the situation in which talented writers find themselves today is somewhat different. Even the very best authors need an effective online presence, for the following reasons:

  • Digital Publishing – With the growing popularity of digital publishing and the proliferation of e-readers across the globe, any author who aspires to success on the international stage needs to ensure that his or her works are available in an easily downloadable form. They also need to make sure that their target audience are aware of this fact. The easiest way to achieve both of these aims is with a properly optimised website, featuring direct links to the sites where books can be purchased and downloaded. Some authors may choose to sell direct to the public whereas others may take advantage of established digital publishing organisations.
  • Online Shopping Trends – Even if your readers prefer printed books to the digital variety, they are almost certain to buy a large percentage of their reading material online nowadays. With this in mind, it is important to promote your works effectively on the Internet.
  • Impulse Purchases – Capturing the attention of the casual reader, who may only read a novel or two on their annual vacation, used to involve getting your works prominently displayed in airport bookshops but nowadays, you can capture this market far more effectively with well-placed online advertisements. Holidaymakers who are lying on the beach with nothing to do may spot your adverts and follow the links to your site, where they can download your latest tome immediately.

If you would like to take advantage of all the opportunities for increased book sales that the Internet has to offer the 21st century author, get in touch with Marketing Quotes today and let us help you to find you an agency that specialises in website design for authors.

We will make sure that you receive several competitive quotations, leaving you to choose the one that appeals the most.

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